Sunday, March 18, 2012

Art Commission Rates

Prior to hiring me for commission, please read and be familiar with my Terms and Policies

What I can do:
- Digital Art
- Character Sheets
- Pixel Sprites
- Pony Art

Sample Flat Rates:
These are rates for ONE character image.

Digital Ink
Character Bust - $5
Full Body - $8
Free Hand Vector

Digital Color Flats/Simple Shade
Bust $15
Full body - $25

Digital Painting
Portrait/Bust - $25
Full Body - $35+
Scene - $45+
ScenePortrait/BustFull BodyScene

Additional characters +$5 per extra character
NOTE: If the characters are a romantic couple, family or married, I will not add extra to the full price. Kind of a two for the price of one deal. ;)

Character Sheets: Includes Full body front and Side View
Head details, Extra details
One character - $35

Pixel sprites

Stills - $8
Animations - $16 (3-4 frames)

Form for Digital Art Commission

Pony Art
Please see my deviatart for more details

Pony Art Form Here

Art can be found in my gallery at

Thank you.