Monday, March 12, 2012

Commission Terms and Policies


Before commissioning please understand that I only work on small scale projects. I am not available as a full time artist even freelance. I do this for the occasional extra pocket change and general love of making things for other people.
Understand that I reserve the right to refuse a commission and do not need to disclose the reason. (Most often I will refuse because I simply don't have time, my queue is full, or if it violates my terms.) 

The client is also free to cancel the commission at anytime for any reason.


-Paypal is my preferred method of handling payments. Alternative methods can be discussed on a case by case basis.

-I expect the full payment for the work up front prior to starting on any art. For larger projects, I can break down into a payment plan if necessary.

-If for any reason I back out of the commission, I will refund the payment in full.

-If for any reason the client cancels a commission, I will give a partial refund to cover the work done.


- I retain the copyright to all images I create. You may use the images however you wish so long as you use them for non-commercial or non-profit purposes. Meaning you are free to use the images and adjust them to make banners, website graphics or use in a free game.

- For commercial projects, I can sell you the license either non-exclusive or exclusive.
Non-exclusive use means that you have the right to sell the product commercially as much as you like, but I also have the right to sell the artwork. This would be slightly cheaper.
Exclusive use means that I forfeit all rights to profit from the artwork, though I am able to display it in my portfolio or on my website.
The fee would be based on the project.

- As a gesture of appreciation, please credit me for my work somewhere.


- When contacted I will discuss details of the project with you and we can negotiate a price based on my flat rates.
Details I expect or like in a commission are:
  Descriptive Descriptions (or visual references if available)
  Style Preferences (For coloring and drawing style.)
  Delivery Format (PSD file, PNG, Hi-Res JPEG, SVG (for vectors), Printed)
  Plans for the Images (website graphics, game characters, etc)

Or utilize this form: Commission Form

- When we have reached an agreement, I will send the bill and expect payment or first installment if on a payment plan.

- Once payment is received I will begin working. Depending on the nature of the project I may send you previews for approval, especially for character design projects.
NOTE: I will allow up to 3 re-draws of a character design. If none of these sketches are chosen then I will  require further payment for more time spent on this part of the process.

- I will send the final image in the format specified by the client. There is much rejoicing.


As is true with most artists there are subject matters that I am not comfortable portraying. I will not accept commissions asking for:
- Sexually Explicit Material
- Fetish Art (includes Lolita, Violence, BDSM)
- Offensive Material
- Same-Sex Couples

I am OKAY with drawing the following strangeness:
- Cross-dressers/Drag Queens
- Furry (Anthros, Furries, Kemonomimi) so long as it is not Fetish Art or Sexually Explicit
- Pin-up/Cheesecake/Beefcake
- Lolita FASHION
- Romantic Couple
- Censored Nudity

NOTES on Licensed Characters

 There is some grey territory here when it comes to making fanart of a character then selling it. I too enjoy seeing fanart interpretations of my favorite franchises. However, I am conflicted about offering to draw fanart for a price and in a sense profit off of someone else's character.
 At this time I am okay with creating art of characters primarily from a BOOK series or other non-visual mediums. So I will draw Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and so on, but it will be based on my artistic interpretation and NOT movie interpretation.
 Movies, Comics, and Video Game series will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Thank you for reading, I hope to work for you in the near future. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.