Monday, March 12, 2012

Visual Novel Commission Rates

Please be familiar with my policies prior to hiring me.

What I can do:
Pretty much any kind of art or graphic you need. And in a variety of styles.
My Strengths: Characters (human, fantasy, animals), pixel art, CG scenes
My Moderates: Nature Backgrounds, Graphic Design (logos, GUI elements)
My Weaknesses: Interior Backgrounds, Man-made backgrounds

My Tools:
Inkscape (Vector Graphics)
Photoshop CS 5
Cintiq Tablet
Flash CS 4
Manga Studio 5 (Vector/Raster)
Paper and Pencil

Some Samples:
Anime and Non-Anime Style Sprites

Animated and Static Pixel Art
CG Scenes

More stuff can be seen at

Current Rates:
Bust Sprites (from the waist up) - 10 USD per sprite
Full Sprites (Head to toe) - 20 USD per sprite
Chibi Sprites - 5 USD per sprite

All sprites will be sent as PNG graphics unless specified otherwise. By Default it will come with 4 basic expressions.
Extra expressions, costumes, hairstyles, etc will be added to the flat rate and can be negotiated.
1 USD for new expression. 5 USD for more Hair styles, 10 for new costumes/poses.

Have a lot of characters? If the cast is over 4 I'm happy to design and create the sprites for the cast at a package deal cost.
Each character sprite is full size and comes with 5 expressions, 1 costume change or Pose change.
I'll even design the characters if you don't have any pre-conceived designs.

This will be dependent on the poses or animations necessary.
Animated - Usually 3-4 frames necessary for motion. 

Depending on the style a CG scene can range in price based on complexity, style and timeline.
The start price for any CG scene is 25 USD. For example:

Price for a CG will be negotiated via Private Message.

Other art requests like backgrounds, GUIs, etc will be considered on a case by case basis.

I can be contacted reliably via Notes on DeviantArt.
Alternatively you can fill out This Form.