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Nostalgia Game Design: MMO

Whenever I read certain blogs, I just feel inspired to write. One such blog is the Game Design Review Blog. It makes me think critically about game design choices and the games I currently enjoy and why. The same thing happens whenever I read research articles too. Recently I've been analyzing research on MMOs so this flavor of Nostalgia Game Design will settle on that particular genre of games.

Personally, I have a love/hate relationship with MMOGs. Specifically MMORPGs. Most other MMOs I would not even consider playing because I do not like playing First Person Shooters and feel more competent playing Real Time Strategy by myself against the computer. (Set on easy). I've been exploring more of the range of MMORPG games by testing the waters. Currently, I've only settled with one for the past four months and that is World of Warcraft...which my thesis partner got me for Christmas. :)

When I was a much younger girl and first discovering the wonders of the internet, I learned…

Angels and Demons: a Rant

This has been pent up for a bit and recently I had a chance to kind of speak about it on a Podcast (in which I sound like a robot). We only touched on the some of the obnoxious things that annoy me about angel character in comics or manga.

But first, I'll explain what I find acceptable when having angel characters. Things that are easier for me to accept despite me not believing it is true.

Dead Friend Angel - A common belief is that when someone dies and is good they become an angel. There was a sitcom with that theme where the teen angel haunted his friend and basically acted the same as he did on earth. I forget it's name...I'll look it's called "Teen Angel" it ran from 1997-1998. I had a friend make a manga with the same theme. It's also the theme from "A Wonderful Life".

Guardian Angel - There was a web-manga called "Shelter of Wings" that was about her girl and her guardian angel. This person also did lots of researc…