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Voltron Paladin Pidge - Pre-Production

It's been far too long since I made progress on this particular costume. Re-reading the pattern for the shirt and pants got me into planning mode. The planning was somewhat interrupted dealing with an issue with ants in my apartment. >_> Apparently, my honey in the pantry called out its siren song to them. Luckily they've mostly been near the ceiling, but also unluckily it's hard to spray up there. Now, I have the heebie-jeebies all the time and I keep doing that paranoid check...Are there more!?

Like I said, super distracting. Anyway, so I'm going to share my thought processes and "think out loud" type moments. Starting with the pants.

For the pants, I'm adding elements from other patterns like the "Yoga Stirrup" from Bernina and the hidden pocket from my Sloan pattern. So I started sketching out how those would work with the pattern I have since the waistband is constructed differently in my base pants pattern. During the re-read of the …

Busy Busy and Art Exchange

Work has been all consuming of my time and a drain on my creativity. I still get bursts of creative energy from time to time.

Some things I've made since my last post:

Touching up VN sprites
Written the First chapter of the next two VN routes
So more productive than I give myself credit for. :)

Also exciting is that MAX (Multi-Artist Exchange) has been revived again after 2 years. I've been a part of this art exchange for over a decade. We're open to new folks joining so check it out at I have been working on updating the guide for them.

Last night I purchased some of the fabric I'll need for my massive ballgown. Good golly miss molly. I had to get 19 yards of tulle. NINETEEN! That's almost 50 feet of fabric. What have I gotten myself into!?
It also got me going into pattern reading which I started doing for the activewear patterns I have for Voltron. It made me mildly productive and inspired.
(Although now I'm really wishing I could mak…