Sunday, July 19, 2015

Rethinking the Elf Bodice

So here's how this happened. I'm at work on a slow Saturday night and decided to play around in my test store. (I do tech support and my test store is custom pony based!) I created a new line of items in my store "Fluffy Ponies" and created a product for a plush pony. Which got me into research on how to actually make them and what kind of fabric is used and so on.

 So I was neck deep in research about how to make the eyes, the hair, and stumbled on someone's project for a life-size Rainbow Dash. They had a journal listing how they made it. It was amazing. One thing that caught my attention was how she made the Element of harmony...

THIS tutorial
And then I god...I've approached this all wrong. Well...not completely wrong...I just got the wrong kind of vinyl when I started.

My current vinyl is felt back and very stiff (Which will be great for the hip leaves). But the bodice has a lot of curves...particularly in the breast region. This would also allow me to add the detailing. I've also figured out how the pattern should look. know...I don't think I have to count my stiff vinyl as complete waste. I'll just cover it in the shinier stuff after I make the bra parts out of foam. Everybody wins. Except my bank account. Bank account never wins. :(

 Also I'm getting tons of ideas for sewing plushies. :) Yes...plushie raptors and dragons and unicorns and ponies and kitties and bunnies and weeeeeee....^^

For real ideas for plushies:
>> My Cat Lucius (Might need long pile fur since he's long haired.)

>> Kirin: I want an excuse to use bubble minky

>> Fluffy raptor - because dinosaurs

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Faux Chainmail and Bodice Armor


 I've made some progress on my Dalish Inquistor. The bodice is in progress (pics soon)

 So I had a round about way of figuring out how to do this. First, I thought that the vinyl I purchased would be thinner and a bit more flexible. So I went about creating the base of the bodice in craft foam and cover it in the vinyl.
But that wasn't quite working out because the vinyl was too thick and stuff. So I took out the craft foam save for the bra cups. Which I placed too high up at first. Then I realize that I'd have to cut and sew the know like an actual pattern of a bodice. it fits and looks nice-ish. I'm just glad the belt is so thick. :P So I have some more detail to put on this as well as a way to lace it up in the back. Then I'll work with my new airbrush to get some battle damage!

Then there's the chain mail which was going to be made out of a grey net mesh. I cut out pieces for a turtleneck shirt and leggings, pinned them to the dummy and let it sit there for weeks.
I kept looking at it and thinking: "This isn't right. It looks dull and not like metal at all. AT ALL. So I decided to get new fabric that was shiny. Now I have metallic fishnet fabric that I have to make into a pair of leggings and a turtleneck shirt.

I plan on ordering some worbla after my next paycheck or two. I have the pattern for the helmet cut out. I'll have to make a test in foam.

In other news, I'll be heading out to RTX this year. I don't think my pink halo armor really fits anymore. Damn these hips not lying about how much cake I eat! Truth...I eat a lot of cake. I might just wear the helmet. THAT fits.