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Merry Christmas!

I hope that during the two days off that I have, I will FINISH fixing the Tali costume and then focus on losing weight. ...I never thought I would ever say I have to do that. For most of my life I was struggling to GAIN weight. Metabolism DOES slow down at 30. LIKE ON THE DOT. Gained 10 pounds in a month or so. /sigh/ Which has made Tali a little snug. ;) I have spanx but they can only do so much. Luckily, I can go on a low carb diet and exercise more.

Still waiting on feedback about jobs, looks like I'll have some unemployment time in January. Boooo!

But I am making plans for my Inquisitor cosplay. And hopefully finishing the Warden. I have sunk quite some time into it and some money but I really don't have a planned event to wear it at so it's hard to really work on it. Also, want to wear the elf armor to the Ren Faire. :)

We'll see how things go though. :)

Dalish Inquisitor costume

Curse you inspiration. I'm not saying I'm actually going to MAKE this costume since I need to finish Tali and the Grey Warden costume first. But I am half-tempted to drop the Warden for this. Ugh but so much of it is done. Must finish. So here's the plan.

Costume Analysis
There are 4 layers: Chainmaille, Green Armor, Limb Armor, Clothe bits

Chainmail looks like a bit body suit. but most likely shirt and chaps. There are seams that are visible on the chain itself. For the feet, it looks like clothe sandals. Same with fingerless gloves.

Green Armor: A bodice and Tassets. They look like they're a firm leather with some raised designs. Because it's a game, the bodice is all one piece with no discernible method of keeping it on. although I guess you could tie it in the back.
The tassets look simple enough and attach to a mystery belt under the bodice.

Limb Armor: These (on my screen shots) are coppery/Bronze in color. The Arms have pauldrons mixed of leather, fabric …

Keeping things ON.

So various parts of Tali don't stay on well. It's a hodge podge of velcro, glue and tape currently (as a temp solution.

I've also got a couple more pieces to make: Arm Bands, magazine clip holders and Shotgun. OH and the omni-tool. I forgot about that thing. :P

So here are the bits that broke when I put on my costume:

- Left Leg bracer: The d-rings popped off. Needs a better way to keep these together.
- Right Foot Armor: Pieces keep popping off. Really need to glue these down.
-Bandeau likes to slide around. I think I need to sew some of it onto the belt somehow.
-Leather Arm bands, the darn velcro just popped off. Needs to be sew on not glued.
- Arm Bracer: Just a touch a velcro will help keep it from sliding off.

So I know what I'm doing for Christmas. :D 

Prince Tali Marvelous She...

The fruits of my thanksgiving weekend labor. And then things immediately started falling apart because yeah...temp attachments are temporary for real. So From here on it's fixing and trying to lose weight. XD As you can see, my other bit of leg armor is not on, due to all the attachment rings breaking off. 

The many belts of Tali

So I spent most of the day at my sewing machine working on some of the accessories and cloth parts of the costume. I'm happy to report that I've finished all the purple cloth parts and the belts.

Still to go:
 -Finish up the leather arm bands.
 - Create the Neck wrap.
 - Upgrade helmet
 - Upgrade Leg armor

 The leg armor is turning into a bigger challenge than I anticipated. More research is needed. :)

Pics will come soon. Once I clear some space to set down the camera and get dressed. Probably tomorrow.

For now...sleeeeep. Zzzzz...


Sorry about that, I turned 30 about a week ago and many things changed at once, including projects I'm working on.

With Thanksgiving coming up, I'll have 4 free days to work on stuff. My plan is to set up my sewing machine and finish up the sewing needs for Tali's Costume. I've been negligent on that part.

I will also remake the helmet to suit the new visor eventually, but first the sewing.

The other project I've been working on and off is an RPG Maker game, currently unnamed.
I made a wiki for it:

Along with that Dragon Age Inquisition came out...and I had to buy a new computer to run it basically. :P

She's custom built. But now I have spare parts and computers to get rid of. I still haven't played the game yet...but I AM ready to. I'll post about the game on my Gamer blog.

I changed my mind! Again!

So it's only a couple of days before Halloween. I found a party to go to. But at the last minute, I had a change of heart about my werewolf queen. It is awesome and I am proud of it, but for this particular party it wouldn't work out. We'll be playing lots of board games with tiny pieces. Not very easy to manipulate with my claw gloves. (I'll use them somewhere.)

Instead of a werewolf, I'm re-purposing the costume as a Calavera or Sugar Skull from Dia de Meurtos. I just got some extra white makeup, false eye lashes and Skeleton leggings.

I've been having way too much fun on Pintrest and Youtube looking up designs for the makeup.

Hallowent and Leg armor progress

So I decided to try on all my Wolf Queen costume last night to make sure everything fit. It barely does. Well, part of that is the corset's fault. ;)

However, I'm not seeing any Halloween parties coming up in my facebook feed. ._. I hope I didn't make this costume for naught! Halloween is next weekend! Hrum....

In other news, I painted the leg and foot armor bits for Tali with their base coat. I'll have to detail them which I thought I'd do today, but tonight is Book Club. I might get around to it tomorrow, but I have a baptism to go to and Sunday is D&D day. weekend?? WHY???

Also...November 18th comes closer. (SO excited!)


Next will be the legs. I LOVE WORBLA!! I also was looking at the video footage of my visor making. Yeah, the angle was not flattering. So, yeah, not uploading that. No need for embarrassing bum shots at birds eye view. :B Or is there? LOL. 

Inspiration coming back!

I swear shopping for costume supplies does this for me, but I found a new thing. Yesterday I was lamenting on how my styrene armor for Tali wasn't shaped right and was just too stiff. I couldn't walk well in the leg armor and the metal arm barely fits. Then I remembered seeing something about Wonderflex so I went and did some research. For rounded armor pieces, it would be better.

But then I discovered Worbla. My mind was blown. Putty plastic? Glue on one side?

So I ordered some. :) I can still use the styrene cutouts as a base I think.

It's also got me re-evaluating my Warden armor. I have most of the foam bits cut out. The Worbla would be so good to use on it. So excited. Seriously.

I've also got a new strategy on the leg armor. I'll share it after I do some doodles of it.

Update: OMG OMG OMG...there's a place that sells Worbla IN AUSTIN...close-ish to where I live!!!

The downside...I was literally just at that store TODAY and didn't know until NOW. GAAAA…

Costume Delays due to new job

Haven't had much to update about because I started a new job. I really like it a lot. So much happier.

...and I got distracted by side-projects. I hope to finally get off my duff and upload the pictures of my new visor. Yeah. I made another one. It's pretty.

Also I have a big birthday coming up so I'm trying to get that situation worked out.


New visor pics

More Leg Stuff, My Flash Game, and New Helmet Visor?

Howdy Again,

 I managed to get the legs to a place that will work for me. I've lined the styrene with foam rings and it velcros at the seam. It'll need painting and weathering. Everything needs more weathering. :D

I've also got the fabric for the veil. It looks nice on the helmet. I first have to sew the trim before attaching it to the helmet. (Otherwise I know it'll just be falling off all the time.)

The glove finger tips have been redone. Now they are tipped with duct tape. Duct Tape, the handy-man's best friend. :)

Currently I'm considering re-doing the visor one more time. I got some violet iPoly Dye this time and this time I won't put ANY Tamiya paint on it. Just for a slightly better visibility.

Still to do: Arm Belts (bicep and forearm), Hip belt, Bust Belts, Boot Knife, Mesh on shirt, Attaching armor to shirt, Shoulder bands, Neck Collar, Veil Trim, Painting boots. Hemming the pants. Possibly also attaching these pants to my capri pants. Hmmm.

Look at them gams (and other updates)

Leg armor...turning into more of a beast than I expected. Looking at other builds, fiberglass seems to be the favored method of making the leg armor.

Sadly, I am not used to fiberglass, nor do I have the space or ventilation to do that. So for now, I'm using Styrene and foam. (note to self...I'm going to need to buy more foam. :P)

I cut the pattern for the boots in paper and then styrene. My plan is to shape strips of the foam around the leg shape dummy I made. Then glue the styrene to it. This will give me some cushioning as well as a solid leg shape.

In other updates, I've affixed magnets inside the helmet so the visor pops on an off a bit easier. I covered the exposed foam with leftover black fabric.

The armored sleeve is done to where I like it. I think I'm going to directly affix them to the sleeves of the shirt I bought for it. I'm also redoing the glove fingertips because manipulating life with the styrene tips on was not happy times.

Helmet finished-ish and gloves

I still need to do detail work on it and lots of touching up but the helmet is basically made. Yay!!

First the gloves:

Here are pictures of the helmet process.

Some of the first pieces I cut from my earlier pattern pieces.

Some pieces also have Styrene on them.
Before construction, I painted the different parts in Silver and Black.

I cut down the visor using the pepakura pattern as my guide for the size and shape. I cut a little/lot bigger than the pattern. 
The inside of the visor was lined with foamies and the outside was as well, using black foamies. 

 Using a test head band I made, I started construction of the helmet. I ended up scrapping the head band all together later on.
After the foam bits were on, I glued the styrene coverings. 
The mouth piece was made with foam and a clear resin cast mouthpiece. I left an opening so I could eventually put wiring in there. 

I used velcro squares to hold the visor in, then built around that. I plan on replacing the velcro with magnets. 

Tali Arm Armor

I'm working with styrene. It's hard. New stuff is hard. But I finally made PROGRESS. Also gee...I meant to post images of my wolf queen but I'm pretty lame bots at it. XD Anyway, Yay progress. I wonder how I'm going to do the boots. Yeesh. Research is needed! :D Maybe plastic coating is a better way to go. Hmmm. 
Also, the trigger on the paint can, helps so much. Awesome. 
Anyway, still on the hunt for a job. So maybe I should focus on the helmet since I have all the parts for that. :B 
Also side note, FRUIT FLIES SUCK. Ugh. Can't get rid of 'em. Super annoying. 

Finishing up the Wolf Queen

I can't believe I'm pretty much finished with this costume. I have to finish sewing the skirt and finish making the feet (which has been trickier than expected). I decided it's be cheaper to buy the corset instead of making one myself. It would have been fun but factoring in the cost of all my supplies it was just easier to spend $12.

Speaking of budget, mine just got blasted. I lost my job on Friday which was my source of income. So on the plus side, I can actually spend time working more on the costumes. :D But I can't really buy anymore supplies. :( At least nothing too expensive. Hopefully unemployment doesn't last too long. I don't expect it to.

Tomorrow I plan to get the interfacing I need for the Wolf Queen skirt and then finishing up with the Warden Tabard.

Oh obviously pics soon. It's pretty late and I'm tuckered out.

EDIT: Pictures. One of the feet paws. And the gloves that glow.

Possible Events to Attend

Okay so I find out that next week there's a classic gaming tournament in town. Also a pretty famous cosplayer is going to be there and there's a cosplay contest. I'm sad I only found out about this event a few days ago. :( I'll still go because the cost is pretty reasonable and it's in town.

Come January, PAX South will be in San Antonio, which is also pretty close. Like close enough to be a day trip. I will probably attend at least one day of that. (It's only $30 for a day...sooooo yeah.)

But now I definitely have an event to showcase a costume or two AND it's in a month where it won't be 100 degrees out so I won't be like dying.

And I'll probably definitely MOTIVATE myself to finish the wolf tail today. Yes. Must be done.

Then I'll start, cutting the pattern for the dresses.

Oh, and my mom can be the the best...she got me two rotary cutters. Now my edges are smooth as a dream. I'm in love with these blades. May they never go …

August Begins

A new month. And ever closer creeps my personal deadlines for these costumes. October was the goal for the Warden and Tali. However, since I've taken on another project for Halloween, I'm scooting Warden and Tali out to November. And Alistair...the poor chap...hasn't had any construction done what so ever. :( I have all supplies too.

Anyway, I've made a bit of progress on each costume here and there.

Tali: I took the shoes out of the feet and got inserts to put in there instead.

Warden: Put more studs into the Jacket.

Wolf Queen: Made the Circlet, got the beads for the necklace, made some ears and started on the tail. Got some knee high nylons to make the feet.

I've also had quite a few interviews the past couple weeks. I hope to start a new job soon. *pleeeease, better pay, better environment*

Anyway, I've also been going to D&D sessions on the weekends. ...I'm learning how bad I am at improv. LOL.

I hope to finish the Wolf Tail this week and maybe eve…

Distracted: OH NO!

So San Diego Comic Con is going on. And a Tali cosplay appeared on my facebook feed. :) It was fun to see especially since it was a ME 3 version. I think I'm unique in doing ME 1 version.

But I'm distracted. I haven't done costume stuff for a couple of days now. >_> I started playing Dragon Age Origins again. /sigh/ I keep glaring at the Warden Armors. WHY ARE THERE SO MANY BELTS?? GAwww.

Anyway, I'm both distracted and inspired. Perhaps it's time to feed the muse instead of work out. But I'm sure the beads I ordered will be coming in soon. And I'll be moved to work on something.

Foot Fetish - err...making feet

Last night I finished the Gloves for the Wolf Queen. (Pics to come soon).

Once those were finished I began thinking about how I wanted to do the feet. In my drawings you can see they are kind of looking like high heels which is what the concept art for the character had.
I tried on my high heels last night and began to think very seriously. As my feet started to ache after 30 seconds of wear it became clear that much like my Tali cosplay, the Wolf would not be able to long stand the high heel...unless I went with boots.

While doing research on how Fursuits got around this issue, I stumbled upon sock paws.

With a little re-engineering I think I can make my sleek, delicate Wolf Queen feet. Because she is regal after all.

Some of my plots:
2 pairs of socks (ballet/anklet socks + nylons/thigh highs)
Craft foam
Tape: Duct, Masking and more
Glue of the hot variety

Similar to the route I went with Tali's feet I will use craft foam stuffed with scraps and wrapped in tape then cove…

Costume Plans: The Wolf Queen

Blending Vampire queen seductress with werewolf. It was inspired by the design of the Wolf Queen from the casual game Dark Parables: Red Riding Hood Sisters.

Here are some designs I've been playing with.
In this design I have a couple of simplicity patterns I'll be working with.
Corsets, Bustle Skirts, and an off the shoulder shirt. (And then while searching the site I stumble upon THIS pattern and think...dang that short skirt is what I was looking for...oh wells. All of the patterns I bought were on clearance for like $2 each.)

Here's another rough sketch of what I plan to do using one of the shorter bustle skirts. Things always look so nice when drawn. LOL...I'll have to use my photoshop template when I get home.

I also plan on possibly making some jewelry too. It's been fun looking at different beads and such. ^^ I'm so excited! (As I usually am when a costume in the plan and acquire mode.)

There's always a focal piece or two that I look forward to the m…

Dye Plastic Dye!

So I found this video on dyeing petg plastic visors. And guess works like a charm!  I now have a purple visor! 

It obscures my face, but I'll also be having back lighting in the helmet so I'll still be a bit visible...when I want to be. :D So studly. Currently working on the sleeves. I'll have to finish the armor before adding more.

More Warden Progress: Jacket

Things I learned.  1) Pintucking takes FOREVER. took 2 Seasons of Red Vs. Blue and Hot Fuzz.  2) Collars, I don't not think I know how to do them right. I made it up as I went.  3) I'm going to need a lot more sewing machine needles for my projects. :/ 4) Whenever you find the perfect color fabric, there's always not enough. And when you go back to the store, it's never restocked. That is the story of the blue ribbon. I didn't want to go with this bright shiny blue. 
Things I need to do. 1) Stud it up. Probably only on the lower parts of the sleeves and the back because bulky armor covers most of it (aka pressing down points into my flesh). 2) Glue down the ribbon. 3) Before I glue I need to "dirt" things up. Got black spray paint and I'm thinking of pouring tea over it. 
But yay Jacket and tabard and progress!!

Visualization: Rethinking King Alistair

I've been reading up on techniques for crossplay (that is dressing up as a character that is the opposite gender as the player.) Now, luckily for me, most of the issues can be solved by armor. Yay. However, the armor does have to be tailored a bit differently that normal. So...I took some body shots of myself and colored over myself in photoshop. Here's the deal.

Doable right? I mean I can widen my shoulders quite a bit thanks to the pauldrons and mantle. However, I'll still need shoulder pads to give the required lift. I intend to have my arms padded a bit too just so It doesn't look like stick arms coming off broad shoulders. Also cutting the curve of my legs down should be achieved with the boot covers and thigh bits. 
It was my hips and waist that gave me real worry. Here's what my body looks like underneath this plan. 
Mmmhmm...dem birthing hips. I'm a classic pear shape with a pinched waist if I stand up straight. My shoulders are also round and a bit nar…