Thursday, July 17, 2014

More Warden Progress: Jacket

Things I learned. 
1) Pintucking takes FOREVER. took 2 Seasons of Red Vs. Blue and Hot Fuzz. 
2) Collars, I don't not think I know how to do them right. I made it up as I went. 
3) I'm going to need a lot more sewing machine needles for my projects. :/
4) Whenever you find the perfect color fabric, there's always not enough. And when you go back to the store, it's never restocked. That is the story of the blue ribbon. I didn't want to go with this bright shiny blue. 

Things I need to do.
1) Stud it up. Probably only on the lower parts of the sleeves and the back because bulky armor covers most of it (aka pressing down points into my flesh).
2) Glue down the ribbon.
3) Before I glue I need to "dirt" things up. Got black spray paint and I'm thinking of pouring tea over it. 

But yay Jacket and tabard and progress!!

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