Thursday, July 3, 2014

Epic 4th of July Costume Plan

No idea if I'll get this done but here's what I think I'll be doing.

  • Resurfacing the visor buck with a layer of regular plaster which I will sand. 
  • Sew the Sleeve, Gloves, Pants and Bandeau
  • Cut and sew the trim for the veil
  • Put the blue stripes on my warden tabard. 
  • Eat hotdogs because America! (failed...turns out they were moldy)
  • Maybe go swimming at the pool a bit. (Mother Nature decided otherwise)
  • Lock myself inside all weekend and watch movies! :D yay! 
  • Mass on Sunday
  • Finish some things I have to do on my job search (Ha ha ha...yeah...)
  • If my plastic comes in this weekend. Then...we shall FINISH the visor. ONCE and for ALL.
Hmm pretty ambitious really. We'll see how things really go. ;)

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