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Merry Christmas!

I hope that during the two days off that I have, I will FINISH fixing the Tali costume and then focus on losing weight. ...I never thought I would ever say I have to do that. For most of my life I was struggling to GAIN weight. Metabolism DOES slow down at 30. LIKE ON THE DOT. Gained 10 pounds in a month or so. /sigh/ Which has made Tali a little snug. ;) I have spanx but they can only do so much. Luckily, I can go on a low carb diet and exercise more.

Still waiting on feedback about jobs, looks like I'll have some unemployment time in January. Boooo!

But I am making plans for my Inquisitor cosplay. And hopefully finishing the Warden. I have sunk quite some time into it and some money but I really don't have a planned event to wear it at so it's hard to really work on it. Also, want to wear the elf armor to the Ren Faire. :)

We'll see how things go though. :)

Dalish Inquisitor costume

Curse you inspiration. I'm not saying I'm actually going to MAKE this costume since I need to finish Tali and the Grey Warden costume first. But I am half-tempted to drop the Warden for this. Ugh but so much of it is done. Must finish. So here's the plan.

Costume Analysis
There are 4 layers: Chainmaille, Green Armor, Limb Armor, Clothe bits

Chainmail looks like a bit body suit. but most likely shirt and chaps. There are seams that are visible on the chain itself. For the feet, it looks like clothe sandals. Same with fingerless gloves.

Green Armor: A bodice and Tassets. They look like they're a firm leather with some raised designs. Because it's a game, the bodice is all one piece with no discernible method of keeping it on. although I guess you could tie it in the back.
The tassets look simple enough and attach to a mystery belt under the bodice.

Limb Armor: These (on my screen shots) are coppery/Bronze in color. The Arms have pauldrons mixed of leather, fabric …

Keeping things ON.

So various parts of Tali don't stay on well. It's a hodge podge of velcro, glue and tape currently (as a temp solution.

I've also got a couple more pieces to make: Arm Bands, magazine clip holders and Shotgun. OH and the omni-tool. I forgot about that thing. :P

So here are the bits that broke when I put on my costume:

- Left Leg bracer: The d-rings popped off. Needs a better way to keep these together.
- Right Foot Armor: Pieces keep popping off. Really need to glue these down.
-Bandeau likes to slide around. I think I need to sew some of it onto the belt somehow.
-Leather Arm bands, the darn velcro just popped off. Needs to be sew on not glued.
- Arm Bracer: Just a touch a velcro will help keep it from sliding off.

So I know what I'm doing for Christmas. :D