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Girly Games: Horse Games

Recently I finished playing two titles that I would consider very "girly". Meaning that the theme is something that would appeal to a female crowd between 9 - 12. The two games are Bella Sara Horse Adventure and Champion Dreams: Born to Ride. Horse games basically.

Part of the purpose of buying these games was to do a bit of unofficial market research on games with horses. The other reason was guilty pleasure, I love horses.

There were a few things I "learned" about these games since they are games marketed for girls.

Girl Marketing
In both games the main character was a female. One was an adult(Champion) and one was a pre-teen (Bella). Horse care or "caring" seems to be a common theme in a girl-themed game. (Baby sitting games, vet games, Sims, wow...isn't that just like handing us a baby? doll. XD) Both games also has a collection element and a dress up element. (Both again guilty pleasures).

I'll discuss the two games separately for a mome…