Friday, March 16, 2018

Since Halloween...

Ho...haven't updated in awhile.
So updates.
I noticed I haven't made any progress on Voltron. I think I actually got the wrong size pattern for the pants. >_> Dees hips are no longer a "misses" size. Also I've been lax on my diet. I'm back up to 150 lbs. and I haven't been doing my exercises. So I'm not tabling it yet, but I may be more of  a "Pudge" than a "Pidge". LOL! Also, I've got another project going on.

I'm making a full-length ball room dress and my own rhinestone jewelry. It's been fun so far. I also plan on rhinestoning shoes. Kind of a Cinderella thing going on with that.
I have the pattern for this dress: Simplicity's Cinderella Dress
For the visual novel, I've made good progress. I've finished the second route out of six! Sent the first chapter to be reviewed by a friend. I'll be able to better assess the art needed once a lot of the writing is done.

But for the past week, I've been distracted by a sudden interest to make custom content for Sims4. I can re-color things easily enough but I thought I'd try my hand at making custom food.

Yeah...more of a challenge than I thought, but I've been up to 3 in the morning the past few days trying to suss it out.
I think I need a break from it.

OH right, I also had a lovely vacation at Universal Studios in Orlando with my family. It was awesome.
For now, I think the past few sleepless nights have caught up with me and I need to go to bed.

OH before I Halloween Costume! :P

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Happy Halloween!

I'm terrible at being regular about this. Probably because I write all day and get kind of burnt out on it. But I'll give some updates.

One because Halloween is just around the corner, I've been working on a costume. I made a cute lolita-inspired dress so I can be a broken doll.
(I'll post pics later.)

My mom also got me a used serger that she got for making a baby outfit for someone. I haven't had a chance to play with it yet but...I also have to remember how they work. :/

Pidge Cosplay

I got the fabric and the legging pattern may be a bit too small. I'm praying that the spandex compensates. Although...we all may live to regret that. LOL.

Apartment Complex

I've been working on re-organizing my apartment so I have more room to work in and can have people come over. Still trying to figure out a system for my project storage. I have a lot of backburner things in giant plastic tubs. It's kind of tough.

Financial Pressure

Things are a bit tight since that new car. I'm also most likely not getting a raise this year so I trying to find a way to make money without having to get a 2nd job. I'm also taking an online course on finding your passion. Looking back at my last creative burst, it was July during Staycation. :( That explains a lot.


I'm also learning how to make bread. I can make Challah and Hawaiian Sweet Roll bread pretty well. Learning how to make meringue too. It's tough.

Trouble Brewing

My VN has a wiki now! Trouble Brewing Wiki, right here.
It has my progress report on that. I'm trying to be consistent with it but by aforementioned financial struggles, job stress and the whole re-organizing project has gotten me pretty down and exhausted and depressed. I try to write the VN now and again because it can be therapeutic, but it's getting hard to do that. I am starting to look for assistance on this project. I have some plans.

Right now, I'm taking some time to improve my situation which does cut into creative time.
I'm trying to publish my story that I wrote like 7 years ago. I just have lost a lot of confidence in my creative work. I'm sure it's because of my depression which magnifies my problems to unreasonable levels and make me less fun to be around. It sucks and I wish I wasn't this way. I wish it was just me being a whiny drama queen looking for attention (which is how I think I come off to people when I complain about my depression or seem to be using it as an excuse). I wish I could just flip a switch and cheer up. The reality is that depression is different for every person. And it is an epidemic for my generation. I've been in therapy for a year now. I am making progress.

So pray for me if you think of it.
Thank you.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Voltron Paladin Pidge - Day 01

So I've flushed hours of my life on Pinterest, scoping out different things necessary for this project.
Today, I've purchased the spandex and the patterns I need to make the top and bottom of the jumpsuit. I decided that because the costume is "cut in half" by a belt that wearing a jumpsuit would be unnecessary and uncomfortable. I did that for my Halo cosplay...but that was when I was younger and more foolish. Look, PANTS.

I was planning on making just a turtleneck shirt and pants then draw on the seam lines. But then I was like...wait...those are Princess Seams. Those are seams used for a SLIMMING effect. In order for that shirt to be FITTED AF, it'd have to be real princess seams. And if using seams for the shirt, I can't just do regular leggings. It took some snooping but I found a good patter. I'm gonna SHARE because I'm NICE like that.

The ones I'm using personally are these McCall's Activewear patterns:
I picked these patterns because I didn't feel like using my printer paper. You can see my rabbit hole of pin research on this board:
I did also buy the PDF pattern for the Sloan pants...I'm using the waistband media pocket idea...because that's brilliant!

So. Phase 1 will begin once all my supplies are delivered. We'll have a turtle neck fitted shirt and gloves plus leggings with added stirrups.

Gains and Losses

So I took a Staycation the first week of this month and used it to buy a new car and work on some projects.
I did gain some weight back but I'm already down again and heading toward the next goal: 140 lbs or less. (As of today I'm 144!)

Loss of Weight

When I started the weight loss program I was 157 lbs and creeping ever closer to an unhealthy 160. My first goal was to get down to 150 lbs. It took about 6 weeks of dieting and hardly any exercise to do that. Once I reached that I wanted to go for another 5 lbs. It took another 5 - 6 weeks but I did get down to 145 for a total loss of 12 lbs in about 12 weeks. Which is what I wanted. Losing about 1 lb a week. 

At one point I did start doing some arm toning exercises, but I fell off the bandwagon because my weights were too heavy and I hurt myself. One of these days I'll go get 3 lb weights and ease back into the 5 lbs. 

The weight loss was a personal goal but also prompted by a desire to get back into cosplay and not feel too uncomfortable in some of the tight outfits I have planned. 

Loss/Gain of Car

This was a struggle. It was my first time buying from a dealership instead of a relative. I also had to trade in the car I'd been driving for the past 8 years. It came with me from Michigan. I traded in the Toyota Avalon for a 2016 Toyota Corolla...a much smaller, less powerful car. But it's new. And red!
I call her Epona

Gain of a Pony

I put the head on! Well I re-did the head completely first (save for the ears and horn). And then hand-sewed all the parts to the body! Now all it needs is a mane and tail and my FIRST pony plushie will be done. The head is still not my favorite looking, but that's kind of what you get when you mix and match patterns. But Loyal Defender doesn't look too bad. And I totally cheated and printed his cutie mark on some quilt batting. I'll definitely be doing that for a few cutie marks for other ponies...except on felt. 

Visual Novel Progress/Gain of Off-brand Cintiq

So, I have had a 13" Cintiq for 6 - 7 years now. I've been spoiled and can't go back to an intuos or pen tablet. Now the brightness and color don't nearly match my current monitor plus I have to turn down the resolution a lot. After some research I found one of the many off brand pen monitors and found one that was 1) much larger and 2) equivalent in specs to mine. I just got the new one today and haven't set it up. But it's big...and beautiful. I got some art gloves too so I don't sweat all over this one. 
But should this pan out, I'll have a Cintiq for sale...for an equivalent price for which I bought the competitor brand. (I spent nearly $1000 on my tiny cintiq and spent more than half of that for a larger one.) 

Also in that time I made huge progress in my visual novel project Brewing Trouble which I've been working on for about a year. I got all the main crew's first draft sprites done. 


For now I'm just plugging away at writing the thing. I've finished the prologue and pre-choice portions. (By finished I mean drafted and programmed. Still plenty of editing to do.)
I'm half-way through the common route (which occurs automatically if a certain parameter is not met.)
I'm also putting together a wiki for it.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Progress by Inches...literally

Exciting day. I've lost 12 lbs of weight and I have noticed that I'm slimming down. I'm working on toning my arms now but I feel like I'm in a good place. I'm going to continue striving to get my weight down but spandex IS on sale this weekend, so before the 5th I intend to re-measure myself and figure out how much fabric I need for the Jumpsuit...which will be stirrup pants and a turtle neck.

The only "hurdles" right now are a) I'm also trying to buy a car this week so I expect to be emotionally drained. b) My laptop battery isn't charging so I'm waiting on a new charger. (2nd one for this particular laptop.) And c) Steam Summer Sale. FML. I expect to be gaming a lot. AND sewing plushies.

I finished the body for Loyal defender and wings and redid the head. I actually am at the point where I need to sew the head to the body. ...Oh and sew the ears and horn on too. Then make a mane pattern. Then I'll have my big pony plush pillow. ^^

Also have to put a mane and tail on Willow.

I have only one week of's not long enough.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Voltron Paladin Pidge - Day 00 I've spent awhile in the ol' planning phase for this. And in that time some of the folks I enjoy watching on YouTube have made builds.
EvilTed also provided a (currently) free pattern for the helmet. >_> Which I've downloaded along the with the other one I purchased. -_- Just my luck right? promised back in March I made lots of doodles and plans. Other than Evil Ted and Punished Props I've tried to avoid YouTube tutorials. While I like guidance on some things, I always want to figure it out myself first. 

Helmets I've never had luck least no luck finishing. I've had my Inquistor helmet patterned for years but no motivation to finish it. :( Poor Dalish Inquisitor and DA:I Alistair. You shall be avenged...I mean completed. Just Not today. 

BING one of my "pre-reqs" for starting this costume was to lose weight. The good news is I made my first goal of getting down to 150 lbs. Goal 2 is getting down to 145 lbs. I should meet that by the end of the month if I stop eating these cookies I baked. (I am my own worst enemy.) I have noticed clothes fitting better and my tummy not sticking out as much. Mostly dieting now, but soon I suppose more exercise will be needed. 

I was also at JoAnn's not long ago and gazing dreamily at the cosplay fabric section. They do have stretch vinyl in white. But I was not there for costume fabric...but plushie fabric. I have to stay focused. 

My creative gears shift a LOT and randomly. Which is why I surround myself with so many projects. They take forever to finish but it is currently how I work. It's not the best and I wouldn't recommend it but the ebb and flow of my creativity and distractions has been fluctuating wildly. 

The post is also starting to here are the sketches. Feel free to borrow from them or improve them. They're just sloppy break-downs of how the armor looks in the show. And also a frustration with the mother-ducking arm armor. DAMN YOU CARTOON LOGIC!!!

My first sketches. The arm joins already a mystery.

Under Armor, lots of messy notes, first idea for the elbow joint. Later abandoned.

More on the arm based on screenshots. Still WTF about the elbow. Also shopping list.

These are rough and I'll probably be refining them to be of better use. I feel rather impressed by my idea for the shoulder pads. Thanks to my 80's instincts. :P
Actually most of the "colored" joints I plan on attaching directly too the under armor. Which should in turn help support the other armor pieces.

The main material planned is EVA foam wrapped in stretch vinyl. But plans can change. ;) Until later...toodles!

I'm sewing ponies again

I'm the worst at updating. But summer's coming and for some reason that seems to be getting me into my creative groove again.

So I think it's almost been a year but I'm still working on my Pony OC plushies. I'm happy to say that I've finished the first "body" of a pony. She still needs a mane and tail, but here's Willow Wisp.

The wings are velcroed on so I can interchange them with open wings. The eyes and cutie marks were hand embroidered. ...Yeah...I have to find a better way to do that. 

And luckily  I think I have. I found a video that suggested printing on felt which is something I may try. (I did an experiment on batting and it worked decently well.) Which will help speed up the process on other ponies. Seriously, hand embroidering make-up eyes...So much work. 

I've taken apart my old Rough Edges pony and recut him in proper minky. He's the other one I had nearly finished but now I have to start over with. :P 

Also new is I decided to make a GIANT lifesize plushie or two based on a laying down pattern. I got one head done. 
It's flarkin' huge. BUT I learned a NEW technique for eyes using applique methods and oddly enough it's a bit easier when the pattern is bigger. I need to fix the head a bit because it's too oblong/back heavy. Luckily, I know how to correct this. (I also put one of the eyes in a bad spot. I hope to adjust and fix how that looks too...but it might be trickier.)

The head should give a good indication for about how big the darn thing will be. I will have 2 ponies at this size. A Stallion and a Mare. 

I hope to correct the stallion head and get started on the body this weekend. And maybe one day I'll finally bust out my airbrush and put the 5 o'clock shadow on the other stallions I have planned. Wish me luck!