Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Prince Lotor - Day 12

OMG shoes. I was hit by a fey mood and actually worked on costume things after a long day at work. Usually I have no energy for such things. But I was able to construct the shoe armor. So much time in the respirator. UGH...barge cement...why must you stink??
I got them mostly to my liking. They'll need sanding before seal and paint but They look legit. Which means, I have constructed the last bits of armor for the costume.

I'll just do the last touch ups necessary. This upcoming weekend I am doing more social activities so I'll probably just work on the hand-sewing of the cat prop and stuff.
I also need to order another LED kit. (Note to self)

I also forgot to mention that I cut out the base of the sword. That thing is loooooooong. I'll need to get that PVC pipe. Better print my gift card and spend!

Monday, September 16, 2019

Prince Lotor - Day 10 + 11

It was a messy weekend. It was the day for cutting, sanding, dremelling, drilling, fucking up with the dremel, trying to figure out how to fix things, trying to sand them, not getting the result. Getting Tired. Making sugar-free gummy candies. Forgetting to wear eye protection while using the dremel, but remembering to wear the respirator.
delicious sugar-free rupees! 

Safety first kids. You never know when you'll jam a needle into your thumb.

But that was two weeks ago. However, happily I was able to really work on the chest piece and get it pretty snug and fit. All the things that needed straps pretty much have them...except the thighs. Magnets did not work, velcro does a little but my ultimate plan: I have installed D-rings that I will loop double-sided velcro to. The velcro strip is sewn onto the leggings, looped through the ring, then attached to itself. Although...I'm having a thought right now. I could use the nylon webbing and snaps or a button. I have lots of buttons and a button hole foot for my machine. That's what I think I'll do.
Leg armor on a peg leg. LOL.

Before cutting and fitting. 
After cutting and fitting. 

But in anycase, on Sunday I was able to make the belt and glue on the fins to the shin guards and gauntlets. I played around with the LEDs and ran into a bit of a design flaw. It's hard to keep them in once installed. I thing the balloon lights, while a viable option may end up not being the way to go. I'm going to look into alternatives like earrings or LED kits like the one I got for Kova...which was pretty cheap and work really well. I just need to put friendly plastic into the guantlet holes. Yeah...I think that's the way to go. The LED kit was pretty cheap and convenient. :) But that will have to wait until after sealing and painting. I need to find some glue to fill in some pockets in the foam.

The only thing left to cut and glue together are the boot toes. I may try to do that today or tomorrow.
(So close to finishing this part. UGH. I hate working with fumes and wearing the respirator.)

I also finally did a fitting to check how it's all working together. And It's not too bad so far. Helps that I lost some weight. :)

Duck face...whoo oohh. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Prince Lotor - Day 9

So it was a day of making connections. The knees are attached to the thighs via nylon webbing like I intended.

However, my brilliant magnet plan didn't pan out very well. It just doesn't stick well enough so, I'm using velcro at the moment. I think what I may end up doing is using D-rings and velcro strips to loop through the ring and hold it in place. Which means I need to sew a little bit more. (I'm leery about my sewing machine right now. It bit me.)

Speaking of sewing, the pants now have a big pocket to fit my phone, wallet and iPod.

I worked mostly on the chest armor this weekend. I got the straps and clips hooked in, got the collar on. Need to do some trimming and heat shaping. I'll use D-ring velcro loop or just velcro for the back of the collar to close it up. But to get it on, I needed some flex for my head. I'm also going to line the inside of the collar with craft foam to give it a smooth finish.

Lots of sanding in my future too. So the next steps are to get the connections for the leg armor done, trim and heat treat the chest armor, drill the holes in the gauntlets (I might get an awl for that.) I still need to make the shoe armor and the belt. I plan on making the belt itself out of nylon webbing, elastic and an adjustable clip since I'm losing weight. Then I'll attach loops on the foam bits and attach it all that way. Hmm...I think I'll do that this weekend too. PLANS.

Then I can move on to some of the fun bits, like sealing and painting. :3 Oh...then wig styling and make up fiddling. Oh...and props too. UGH.

But, I was happy to see that Joann's carries cosplay foam as they call it. I like the stuff I got but it was pricey. The foam mats are pretty good and economical but for the sword I need length. :P

But Kova will come first. I need to sew his fur on, weft some yarn for the tail and mane and then love it. It's really cute. I want to make another one of these things so...keep an eye out for more. OH, and I'm also saving up for a 3D resin printer and leatherworking course. Next costume will be leather. :3

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Prince Lotor - Day 8

It's leg day. It's also chest day and arm day. Armor work has begun. I got the chest pieces cut and glued on one side. I need to figure out how to do the collar bit.

The legs on the other hand came together pretty nicely. I had some weirdness with the shins but I figured it out. The thighs came out really well. The gauntlets are glued together and looking great!

There's still plenty of "connection" work to do to make sure these things stay on and look right.

This includes:

- velcro for the shins to close up the ankle parts.
- Attaching knees to thigh armor using nylon straps.
- Adding magnets to the thigh armor and leggings.
- Adding clips and nylon straps to the chest armor.

After things have their attachments, I'll start priming and painting. 😓

I still need to cut out shoe guards and belt pieces. But I am losing inches on my hips and waist lately so I also have to figure how to make things adjustable.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Prince Lotor Day 7 - INJURY!!!

This costume is trying to prevent me from finishing! A few months ago, I dropped the black worbla onto my toe and it bruised the toenail. I still have a mark even though that was months ago. (It's almost grown out!)

But the past Saturday while sewing the soft shoes, I tried to grab a pin that had gotten stuck in the pressure foot, before I took my foot off the foot press. Needle when RIGHT into my thumbnail. I managed to get some hemostats and pull it out myself (it didn't go too deep), but I was shaking from adrenaline.

But I did finish sewing the shoes and attached the skirt to the pants. Which means...the sewing is pretty much....COMPLETE!
I may add a pocket or two to the pants but then that's it. I'm all sewn up on the costume.

Finally I got all the foam I think I'll need to make all the armor. I'll try to knock some of that out this weekend. :)

I also need to finish sewing up the Kova prop.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Prince Lotor Day 5 + 6

More progress! So I completed the bodycon that I'm using for the top. I ended up gluing the final grey piece on. I'm not confident it will stay but we'll see.

Took some live action tests here with the massive shoulder pads.

That was most of that weekend.

This past weekend, redid the tailcoat. Still not getting the sharp edges I'm wanting for the back. (May need to do some research but this time the lining and outing matched up. Painted the blue marks too.

Also made the gloves but that's not nearly as sexy or exciting as the skirt.
Last step for the skirt will be to sew it directly onto the leggings.  Then the only thing left to sew will be the shoes.

After all that we move onto the armor parts. I will definitely need more EVA than I thought. 😜

Luckily I'm getting some gift cards from work to Lowes so I can get some more and some PVC pipe for the sword. Then I should have all that I need to create the weapons and armor. Hurzah!

I made some progress with the art doll too. More on that later.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Prince Lotor + Props - Day 4

Another sewing weekend. Got half of the leotard finished.

The paneling is much better on this one and we got the sleeves on! I did a test with the shoulder pads and they do fit fine after some major adjusting. I definitely need to sew the fabric pads down to the compression shirt I'm making. :) There's some tightness in the sleeves but that's more due to my chubby arms. (Working on it.) I still need to add the grey appliqué which I'll most likely use fabric glue and iron on bonding for. Tricky to do for stretch fabrics but  sewing it on was not the best option last time. Also need to finish the leg holes, add snaps and the collar. I started painting the orange line but that may take a few layers.  I'll make the gloves and shoes after this. 

Also during the week I was able to finish the head for Kova. And I got his eyes to glow.
After some initial testing, I've decided not to make him a puppet but just keep the light up eyes.
Check 'em out!

I used a led kit from https://www.modeltrainsoftware.com/. They're crazy bright. And nicely pre-made. I just had to electric tape down the connections.

I also attached the head to the wire frame and trying to balance things out. :/ Started some of the stuffing process.