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Updates - Costumes and Crafts

So I've been taking on too many projects again which slows everything down. BUT some cool things that have been going on.

Elven Inquisitor: I decided I wanted to play with Foss Shape just to see how it'll work. I might use that instead of the foam base for the stretch vinyl. I have also got in my order of Worbla Black to create some armor bits...someday. I just haven't been into it right now.

So I have been sewing plushies quite a bit. I've gotten into sock animals. I made some for my friends with young kids. I've also finished my nephews musical baby elephant. :)
My living room has two LARGE plastic bins just full of fabric. I still want to make some plush ponies and some plush dinosaurs but I've been distracted.
Digital Stuff I've been writing a new visual novel. I don't know if I'll finish it but it does help pass the time at work. I've got tons of art that are sitting on back burners including art for a visual novel I fini…