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November is here...soon I shall age again.

Happy All Saints Day! 10 days before my 31st birthday. I'm finally old enough to drink ten years later.

No progress on costumes or crafts really. Except I got more supplies. I'm in the stock pile stage of stuffing animals. Joann's had a sale on fluffy plush which I'm going to use for stuffed animals.
I also ordered some proper minky for ponies. The fluffy plush would work but minky has much shorter pile length than the fluff I'm currently using.

I'm also learning how to hand embroider. It's a slow process goes well.

However, there is much to update about digital art. I updated 7 Eldest after several months of hiatus.
I've also been drawing characters for a tabletop game I'm part of. Here's some of the party portraits I made.

I'm playing as Angelo. Old Angelo. Poor guy. I've had this character for only 17 years and he's aged to 50 something. He was a baby first! D:

The GM is also making his own game system. I'll be the art…