Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Where is she now?

Been awhile since I've updated. You can thank my new job for that! (It doesn't have as much downtime as other jobs I've held.) But I'm happy making money regularly.

So many of the costume projects have been on hold since starting work. I seriously get way tired after work and I was dealing with a minor pest problem with pantry beetles. :P

So far I've got my "chainmail" fabric pinned to my dress form. Yes...a dress form. SO happy I have one. I still have to sew those pieces together.

Just this week I've been switched over to night shift too which I've heard is a bit slower but I'll believe it when I see it.

Anyway, so that's been my life for the past couple months. It's been pretty art blocked and writers blocked too. (It's the worst.) I've also got a bad case of side-project-itis. :P I suppose if I start playing Dragon Age again I'll be more inspired to work on my armor. (Well, okay I also had a break-up which has its affect on my tender, artist's soul.)

Some neat things though, I have an airbrush system now! I don't have something to practice on yet but I've had a lot of projects where having an airbrush would be awesome. For some of my current costume plans it'll be perfect. Now I won't have to keep buying expensive spray paints.

For now here's what I've got on my artsy project plate.

>> DA:I Dalish Armor
>> Turian Mask + Costume
>> Visual Novel (it's helping me deal with the breakup.)
>> 7 Eldest which I haven't worked on in ages. :(