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Tali Costume Sketcheroos

Sometimes I doodle. Lol. I doodled a lot more than this but this is what I've scanned and posted. 

I really don't understand my notes sometimes. Riggin and base shapes? OH wait...helmet rigging! Okay, yeah I wanted to figure out where battery pack and microphones would go.

The make-up guide provide some color suggestions and some ideas for the eyes. I think I'm actually going to use some UV activated contact lenses in white. I've never worn contacts before so it'll be an interesting experience. Or a terrible, terrible experience.
The next couple of layers are pretty scribbly. Layer 2 is mostly the cloth bits and Layer 3 is the belt bits.
Also a back shot.
Some more dissecting of the arm parts. These will help with determining best material and such.

Legs and feet plans. I've actually made most of the feet. (I'll post the pictures soon. I took a rather different approach. Some details about the boots and padding locations are still being fiddled with.

I att…

Progress! Yes!

So after many weeks of no progress I had a BURST of creative energy today and finished cutting out ALL pieces and gluing some pieces. Still need to modify the shoulders, collar, and hips.

As you can see it's not holding together. Soooo it's still a work in progress. 
ALSO super sad, my video camera isn't working like it should anymore. :/ I don't know what happened to it. It turns on, it has fresh batteries, the memory card is fine, but it won't respond to button presses after I turn it on. ...perhaps this is what I get for opting for a $20 camera. XD
ALSO... I've made a budgeted Omni-tool...still working out the kinks in the design. Not sure how I'm really going to attach all the pieces and keep it together. I have some ideas. Hot glue will obviously work in some areas, maybe clear wire of some kind? I don't know.

Also a weird minor update for the make-up I plan to do for my Tali costume. I have made crayon lipstick! So far I've made a purple and …

Tali Cosplay Plan: Materials

So yes, another costume project. I swear every time I start new game I want to cosplay it. I've considered making my own Quarian character, but I think I want to save time on the design and work with Tali. Maybe my own character can have a purple outfit too. But for now, Tali will be the project because I also want to be recognizable. I have chosen Mass Effect 1 Tali because I don't see it as much and I don't have to use as much of that patterned fabric.

NOTE: I'll be adjusting prices and materials here so the budget is subject to change!
References: I have the Art Book and several screenshots of Tali's outfit from all the angles I need.
I've also been sketching Quarians and researching the costume parts.

After my study I've come up with my plans And I'm going to try to get a more accurate budget so I can see what I'll be spending and maybe prevent me from approaching this too seriously.

Here are the layers I've sectioned out for my master plan.

Slow Progress, Grump Attitude, New Tricks

My progress on the armor project has been uncomfortably slow. I knew it would take several months because of my schedule issues and other life priorites (like finding a new job). However, like most creative types I know leaving the project untouched can have disasterous consequences. One of which is getting bored and abandoning the project...which to be honest I've come close to. Luckily the monetary investment I've put in motivates me.

I've also broken one of my "rules" when costume making. That would be to look at other's attempts at the same costume, comparing my efforts and getting discouraged. Many creative types can easily feel inadequate when looking at a professionally executed cosplay. On the one hand, you can learn some neat tricks but on the other hand, you know that at your level, the product you work on won't be as awesome.

In my case I know there are MANY factors that I can't help that prevent me from achieving the high level stuff.�…