Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Tali Costume Sketcheroos

Sometimes I doodle. Lol. I doodled a lot more than this but this is what I've scanned and posted. 

Layer 1, Helmet and make-up guide
I really don't understand my notes sometimes. Riggin and base shapes? OH wait...helmet rigging! Okay, yeah I wanted to figure out where battery pack and microphones would go.

The make-up guide provide some color suggestions and some ideas for the eyes. I think I'm actually going to use some UV activated contact lenses in white. I've never worn contacts before so it'll be an interesting experience. Or a terrible, terrible experience.
Layer 2, 3 and back view.
The next couple of layers are pretty scribbly. Layer 2 is mostly the cloth bits and Layer 3 is the belt bits.
Also a back shot.
Arm details
Some more dissecting of the arm parts. These will help with determining best material and such.

Legs and feet

Legs and feet plans. I've actually made most of the feet. (I'll post the pictures soon. I took a rather different approach. Some details about the boots and padding locations are still being fiddled with.

Helmet Pattern

I attempted to make my own pattern for the helmet. It's been mostly trial and error. I may break down and get the Pep file for this.
And then I found this lovely reference by Wei723. Super helpful! I'm kind of sad I'm not a very detail oriented person.

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