Monday, July 28, 2014

Distracted: OH NO!

So San Diego Comic Con is going on. And a Tali cosplay appeared on my facebook feed. :) It was fun to see especially since it was a ME 3 version. I think I'm unique in doing ME 1 version.

But I'm distracted. I haven't done costume stuff for a couple of days now. >_> I started playing Dragon Age Origins again. /sigh/ I keep glaring at the Warden Armors. WHY ARE THERE SO MANY BELTS?? GAwww.

Anyway, I'm both distracted and inspired. Perhaps it's time to feed the muse instead of work out. But I'm sure the beads I ordered will be coming in soon. And I'll be moved to work on something.


  1. greetings! you helped me with a few tips the other day on you gave some great advice as to getting a bigger spray paint tip. haha. since i started spray painting it feels like ive been doing like one finger push ups or something. its sore as heck. rustoleum seems to have the bigger fatter spray paint tips. krylon is horrible.

    but hey, you gave me some good tips but i was wondering if you could explain them a little more to me. you said something about varnish and toweling on water based paints to get a weathered look? thanks!! ill check back! :D

    1. Awesome. Glad it was mildly helpful.
      Varnish gives the foam a protective coat with a bit of sheen to it.
      I've yet to do my weathering. It's just been so darn hot outside where I do my painting that I'm afraid things will melt. :/

      And I feel your pain on the spray cans. The spray handles have been a LIFE saver...or finger saver. Keep me posted on your progress.