Friday, July 25, 2014

Foot Fetish - err...making feet

Last night I finished the Gloves for the Wolf Queen. (Pics to come soon).

Once those were finished I began thinking about how I wanted to do the feet. In my drawings you can see they are kind of looking like high heels which is what the concept art for the character had.
I tried on my high heels last night and began to think very seriously. As my feet started to ache after 30 seconds of wear it became clear that much like my Tali cosplay, the Wolf would not be able to long stand the high heel...unless I went with boots.

While doing research on how Fursuits got around this issue, I stumbled upon sock paws.

With a little re-engineering I think I can make my sleek, delicate Wolf Queen feet. Because she is regal after all.

Some of my plots:
2 pairs of socks (ballet/anklet socks + nylons/thigh highs)
Craft foam
Tape: Duct, Masking and more
Glue of the hot variety

Similar to the route I went with Tali's feet I will use craft foam stuffed with scraps and wrapped in tape then covered with fabric. I will not be using long pile fur like the tutorial but rather Lycra/nylon. I also won't be using furniture foam necessarily.

That said this has also inspired me to re-do Tali's feet. I don't like how they look.
It's the heel. It's too long in the back and the outer toe needs more definition. 
It looked better when it was just on my foot. 

I feel like if I just add like a sole insert for a shoe on the bottom instead of the whole shoe things will be a bit better. Also duct tape to form the little toe better. 

I'm also thinking I don't really want to use my morph suit for the armor jumpsuit. 1) It's hard to move in. 2) Hard to get on and off. 3) I may have gotten too big for it. 4) No pockets. 5) I tore the netting up trying to put it on . :(  

So I'm considering alternatives like a tight turtleneck and dance pants. I may have some somewhere and then just wears socks. ;) I like this plan more. Plus if I do things right, I can have pockets on my pants. maybe. 
I can get away with this since Tali's outfit looks like pants. More to come. 

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