Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Visualization: Rethinking King Alistair

I've been reading up on techniques for crossplay (that is dressing up as a character that is the opposite gender as the player.) Now, luckily for me, most of the issues can be solved by armor. Yay. However, the armor does have to be tailored a bit differently that normal. So...I took some body shots of myself and colored over myself in photoshop. Here's the deal.

Doable right? I mean I can widen my shoulders quite a bit thanks to the pauldrons and mantle. However, I'll still need shoulder pads to give the required lift. I intend to have my arms padded a bit too just so It doesn't look like stick arms coming off broad shoulders. Also cutting the curve of my legs down should be achieved with the boot covers and thigh bits. 

It was my hips and waist that gave me real worry. Here's what my body looks like underneath this plan. 

Mmmhmm...dem birthing hips. I'm a classic pear shape with a pinched waist if I stand up straight. My shoulders are also round and a bit narrow. The curve can be nixed with the armor which is a cursais. 

I also think I found a suitable wig I can style up and a method to make the chin beard thing. 

*Kermit Yay*
I'm glad I took these photos so I can work on future project planning more effectively. And accurately. Sometimes I doodle myself with thinner arms than I have. 

Also, roughed out the Grey Warden jacket. I'm preparing to pintuck the fabric and pop the collar. Also got enough ribbon for the tabard. 
I'll have progress pictures soon. 

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