Monday, August 4, 2014

August Begins

A new month. And ever closer creeps my personal deadlines for these costumes. October was the goal for the Warden and Tali. However, since I've taken on another project for Halloween, I'm scooting Warden and Tali out to November. And Alistair...the poor chap...hasn't had any construction done what so ever. :( I have all supplies too.

Anyway, I've made a bit of progress on each costume here and there.

Tali: I took the shoes out of the feet and got inserts to put in there instead.

Warden: Put more studs into the Jacket.

Wolf Queen: Made the Circlet, got the beads for the necklace, made some ears and started on the tail. Got some knee high nylons to make the feet.

I've also had quite a few interviews the past couple weeks. I hope to start a new job soon. *pleeeease, better pay, better environment*

Anyway, I've also been going to D&D sessions on the weekends. ...I'm learning how bad I am at improv. LOL.

I hope to finish the Wolf Tail this week and maybe even the necklace.
I'll also be doing more research for Alistair's muscle shirt so I can have fake arms. :)

OH lastly, there is apparently a new convention PAX South in San Antonio. I'm tempted to go because it'll give me a reason to where the costumes but they're sold out of weekend tickets. :(

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