Friday, August 8, 2014

Possible Events to Attend

Okay so I find out that next week there's a classic gaming tournament in town. Also a pretty famous cosplayer is going to be there and there's a cosplay contest. I'm sad I only found out about this event a few days ago. :( I'll still go because the cost is pretty reasonable and it's in town.

Come January, PAX South will be in San Antonio, which is also pretty close. Like close enough to be a day trip. I will probably attend at least one day of that. (It's only $30 for a day...sooooo yeah.)

But now I definitely have an event to showcase a costume or two AND it's in a month where it won't be 100 degrees out so I won't be like dying.

And I'll probably definitely MOTIVATE myself to finish the wolf tail today. Yes. Must be done.

Then I'll start, cutting the pattern for the dresses.

Oh, and my mom can be the the best...she got me two rotary cutters. Now my edges are smooth as a dream. I'm in love with these blades. May they never go dull. They probably will...quickly as the fabric I cut is thick and terrible to blades.

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