Thursday, August 28, 2014

Helmet finished-ish and gloves

I still need to do detail work on it and lots of touching up but the helmet is basically made. Yay!!

First the gloves:

Fabric paint got a little sploched. :P Oh wells. 

Here are pictures of the helmet process.

Here are my supplies, sort of.
Some of the first pieces I cut from my earlier pattern pieces.

Some pieces also have Styrene on them.

Before construction, I painted the different parts in Silver and Black.

I cut down the visor using the pepakura pattern as my guide for the size and shape. I cut a little/lot bigger than the pattern. 

The inside of the visor was lined with foamies and the outside was as well, using black foamies. 

 Using a test head band I made, I started construction of the helmet. I ended up scrapping the head band all together later on.
Angled cuts on the foam help here. 
After the foam bits were on, I glued the styrene coverings. 

The mouth piece was made with foam and a clear resin cast mouthpiece.
I left an opening so I could eventually put wiring in there. 

I used velcro squares to hold the visor in, then built around that. I plan on replacing the velcro with magnets. 

Glued on the mouth piece and mesh tubing I found at Michael's. Much cheaper than tubing. 

The veil I found out is too small to fit over it. :( Sad, so I've ordered more fabric to make a longer one. 

As you can see I still need to touch up the exposed foam and add the weathering and details.

TAdah! On and off! 

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