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Plan: Alistair from Dragon Age Comics

Along with the Grey Warden Warrior armor, I wanted to recreate King Alistair's armor as featured in the comics. As a character in the game, Alistair really did not have what I would call an iconic suit of armor like the characters in Dragon Age 2. This is kind of the downside of any Origins cosplay, save for Morrigan who does have a distinct costume at least in portions of the game. Thus I chose the comic armor because it was distinct, but the downside of course is that not everyone reads the comics. I could have chosen concept art too but it looked overly complicated and ugly to me.

That's it for my philosophy on the matter, now into the pre-production phase!

REFERENCE HUNT So all my references had to come from the comics which unfortunately does not have any concept art or character turn-arounds like the game does. I have to recreate it myself using shots from comic at different angles. Since I own all the comics in both digital and physical format, I have pretty good refer…