Friday, August 5, 2016

Willow Wisp Plush

I made most of the plushie! I need to attache her head to the neck, put some wire/pipe cleaners/straws into her wings to give them some stiffness. I plan on making them velcro detachable. :) Also need to make the mane and tail. She might be the pony I finish first. :)

I've taken apart Rough Edge's head to re-do it. I dun fudged up sewing it together. It got all bunched up.

Working on Tender Heart's eyes on and off, but I'm putting my pony project away because my parents are coming next week to visit and I need to clean! These make such a mess!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Pony Plush Updates

I've got quite a bit of work done on these.

First is Rough Edges:

This is the first thing I put together with the pattern. The body turned out okay, the head, I made too big. I used a different head pattern than the one included with the body pattern. I think i may nee to take the head apart and do it again. It's still oddly shaped and I screwed up the ears. I've now corrected the pattern for the other stallion heads I have planned. 

Next Willow Wisp
I'm actually a little farther along than this picture suggests. The cutie marks and one eye is sewn down onto the pattern. We'll see how the sewing on this one goes soon. I just have one more eye to sew down. I've been procrastinating on that. 

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Sewing all the plushies

Hello again blog. I'm here again.

The sewing table is working out like a dream. It's a great place for snacks AND sewing. :)
My current project is going to take me the rest of summer I feel like. (Steam's summer sale has NOT helped with this.)

I'm working on plush versions of all my current My Little Pony Original Characters. Which are mostly based on pre-existing characters of mine that I've ponified. Some are new though.

 I don't have a machine to do my embroidering. I can't justify the cost of an embroidering machine at this time either. ( I will probably hire someone eventually. )
So for now doing everything by hand.That's the part that's taking five-ever. And I have so many ponies!

Here's the list of ponies I've started work on and those I have planned. 

NameProgressTo Do
Creative BurstPattern Cut, Mane Cut, Tail Cut, CM 10% finishedEmbroider Eyes, Finish CM, sew body, sew mane/tail, stuff
Rough EdgesPattern Sewn, Body stuffed, Eyes/CM embroidered and attached. Aibrush Beard, pattern mane/tail, Attach head, re-do head
Willow WispPattern sewn, CM/Eyes embroidered and attached, Attached CM/Eyes to pattern, Stuffed pattern mane/tail, attach wings with velcro, sew on head
Tender HeartPattern cut, Tail cut, Embroider 75% eyesEmbroider eyes/CM, attach embroidery, pattern mane, sew pattern, stuff, airbrush beard
Lucky StarsPattern cut, Eyes partially embroideredFinish eyes, embroider CM, attach embroidery, pattern mane/tail, sew pattern, stuff
Acid Splashpattern cutEmbroider Eyes/CM, attach embroidery, pattern mane/tail, sew pattern, stuff
Poison Kisspattern cutEmbroider Eyes/CM, attach embroidery, pattern mane/tail, sew pattern, stuff
Crystal PopPattern cutPattern Eyes (applique), embroider cm, attach embroidery, sew pattern, pattenr mane/tail, stuff, airbrush wings.
Loyal DefenderPattern cut, CM 75% embroideredFinish CM embroider, Embroider eyes and attach, pattern mane/tail, sew pattern, stuff, airbrush beard

Friday, April 15, 2016


So I've been wanting one of those kick ass sewing cabinets for a long time. You know those $1,000 Kanagroo brand cabinets to store all my sewing...all of it. But I'm short $1,000.

Look at how lovely that is. All my things in one place but yeah...1 grand. 

So I settled for a Sauder...which is about $130. :)

It's pretty lovely. And I got it. It's in pieces in my living room. It's going to be a fun weekend of construction. Yay. Then I can finish sewing my top and clean my living room a bit. 

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Updates - Costumes and Crafts

 So I've been taking on too many projects again which slows everything down. BUT some cool things that have been going on.

Elven Inquisitor: I decided I wanted to play with Foss Shape just to see how it'll work. I might use that instead of the foam base for the stretch vinyl. I have also got in my order of Worbla Black to create some armor bits...someday. I just haven't been into it right now.

So I have been sewing plushies quite a bit. I've gotten into sock animals. I made some for my friends with young kids. I've also finished my nephews musical baby elephant. :)
My living room has two LARGE plastic bins just full of fabric. I still want to make some plush ponies and some plush dinosaurs but I've been distracted.

Digital Stuff
I've been writing a new visual novel. I don't know if I'll finish it but it does help pass the time at work. I've got tons of art that are sitting on back burners including art for a visual novel I finished writing a year ago. :B It needs lots of art. Then there's 7 Eldest. I think I did a page update in January. Still pushing myself to finish that. 

I've mostly been playing games and I've also started going to the gym. :)

OHH, I also got myself one of those vinyl figures of King Alistair. Turns out that the armor they made for the figure is cloth and not also vinyl like I suspected. Soooo...I may have a way to deconstruct that costume better than before. :D But...I'll have to take the armor off. 
But that may put that project back on track. I'm also doing my homework about wigs. Even though I am currently blonde. :/ We'll see. 

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Costume Plans/References

I'm not saying that I will for sure make these costumes but it's a great way to pass time at work between calls. Just a bit of research. 
Maeli Raver Costume

PET-G dangles on black wire/leds
Green dyed PET-G/Transpart visor
Craft Foam

So some sad news, I threw out most of my Tali costume (except for the helmet. i worked too hard on that). My body shape changed a bit so I gotta get on the exercise thing and keep up my figure. Luckily, Quarians are bottom heavy like me. :) Now Maeli is a character of my own design so I get to design what things look like. 

Perpeta Party Dress

Body Paint
Finger-less gloves
Bodycon dress (owned) 
Boots + boot covers

Creative Burst

 Craft foam head
 Green zentai suit
 Foam hoof
 Yarn Wig
 Mesh eyes

Fabric consideration:
Minky - 2 way stretch, good color, not too fluffy, sewing machine friendly. Expensive. :P
Lycra - 4 way stretch, good color, no fluff, very sewing machine friendly. Cheap. :) Could be pretty creasy and potentially see-through.