Monday, October 18, 2010

What I've been Playing

Wow, several months without a post. So bad!
But things have been busy at work so I can't really complain. Plus I picked up a couple extra hobbies. :P

In that time, I've also FINALLY gotten on the bandwagon and connected my PS3 to online play. Yay right? Currently only playing with co-workers as I hate playing with strangers. A co-work also gave me his old wide-screen HD TV. So now I can actually see what I'm playing!

For PS3:
I'm playing 2 games on and off: Sacred 2 and Valkyria Chronicles. (Not to be confused with Valkyrie Chronicles...which I screw up all the time. XD).
Sacred 2 is a basic MMO - plot game where you collect quests, complete them and get stuff. I find the gameplay uninspiring and a little awkward since this is apparently a port from PC to console. :P
Valkyria Chronicles is fun...when I get to actually PLAY. Sweet sister there's a lotta cinematics. (Thankfully they're all skippable...but there was a line I'm glad I didn't miss: "YOU MADE ME HOLD POO???")

For Gamecube: Yes I still buy games for this system...I like it okay!
I recently acquired Skies of Arcadia Legends. I started playing and the art style reminded me SO MUCH of my N64 days that I had to stop and finish Ocarina of Time. Which I did.
The game play is a kind of Final Fantasy style turn base which is all right.

For PC: WAGH currently dealing with a virus problem. But before I was having this problem, I was playing:
KOTOR 2, which I've put down for awhile because other things hold my interest.
Sims 2 and 3...still. ;)

For Laptop PC:
Various independently made Flash games and Visual Novels. (Heileen 2 has been my fave so far.)
Age of Empires 2...because I can.

DS: Has seen so much neglect. :(
I was playing Pokemon Soul Silver before I put it down for a couple of MONTHS.

PS2: Actually started playing Odin Sphere AGAIN for the hundredth time.
Still trying to finish Disgaea 2 and the other ten titles I've started but not finished on that system. ^^;

What's Been Standing Out

Valkyria Chronicles has been holding my attention pretty well. I really enjoy the battle strategy system. Although I still don't know why I get such poor grades when I finish. :( And I LOVE the detail they put into NPC soldiers and their personalities. This provides (at least for me) an actual interest in random soldiers in the field. Sure I still mostly mock their silly battle cries, but I'll NEVER get tired of my tired, manic-depressed Engineer's cry of: Mmm...yeah I'll try.

Heileen 2 is a Visual Novel distributed by Tycoon games and developed by Winter Wolves Studio. The story is kinda lame but at least slightly engaging. It's really the art that sparkles in my eyes more than the writing. ^^

What I'm Waiting For
The New Nintendo 3DS. :D :D :D Skyward Sword and Kid Icarus.

Civ 4 or 5...I've heard bad things about the newest Civ game. My last one was Civ 3: Call to Power. So I'll probably go with 4.

Cross Edge - Just looked interesting.

Final Fantasy 13 - Late to the bandwagon because I have too many games right now.

Disgaea 3 - Because I like series to be complete.

I'm also considering the Persona series. Looks pretty cool.