Sunday, November 30, 2014

Prince Tali Marvelous She...

The fruits of my thanksgiving weekend labor. And then things immediately started falling apart because yeah...temp attachments are temporary for real. So From here on it's fixing and trying to lose weight. XD As you can see, my other bit of leg armor is not on, due to all the attachment rings breaking off. 

Friday, November 28, 2014

The many belts of Tali

So I spent most of the day at my sewing machine working on some of the accessories and cloth parts of the costume. I'm happy to report that I've finished all the purple cloth parts and the belts.

Still to go:
 -Finish up the leather arm bands.
 - Create the Neck wrap.
 - Upgrade helmet
 - Upgrade Leg armor

 The leg armor is turning into a bigger challenge than I anticipated. More research is needed. :)

Pics will come soon. Once I clear some space to set down the camera and get dressed. Probably tomorrow.

For now...sleeeeep. Zzzzz...

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Sorry about that, I turned 30 about a week ago and many things changed at once, including projects I'm working on.

With Thanksgiving coming up, I'll have 4 free days to work on stuff. My plan is to set up my sewing machine and finish up the sewing needs for Tali's Costume. I've been negligent on that part.

I will also remake the helmet to suit the new visor eventually, but first the sewing.

The other project I've been working on and off is an RPG Maker game, currently unnamed.
I made a wiki for it:

Along with that Dragon Age Inquisition came out...and I had to buy a new computer to run it basically. :P

She's custom built. But now I have spare parts and computers to get rid of. I still haven't played the game yet...but I AM ready to. I'll post about the game on my Gamer blog.