Monday, December 9, 2013

The Next Project: DA2 Warden Armor

Been awhile since the last post, but since finishing the Halo Armor, I hit some rough patches of finances which hinders new projects. I've been trying to land a better job and haven't had much luck lately. I have long-term temp work which has been paying the bills, but only paying the bills. :P In good news my mother is helping me buy a new sewing machine. One that will be my very own. :) But for now at least I can go into the planning/collecting portion of the new costume project: Grey Warden Armor. Reference:

Blue Fabric: Cotton fabric or Fleece
White/Silver fabric: Sheen fabric like satin or something with a sequin pattern. Other ideas: the silver part is actually scale mail I could imitate that pattern of scale mail or thin aluminum flashing. It all depends if I want to put the effort and money into making the tabard scale mail.
UPDATE: Omg...This silver fabric for the win: Link

 Shoulder Shrug: Blue - Blue Pillowed Fabric. There's already fabric that has that pattern, I just need to make a shrug out of it.

 Armor Pieces: Chest, Shoulder, Collar, Hips, Elbows, Gloves, Knees, Boots -
These will be made out of EVA Foam. I have a roll of thinner foam which can be partnered with the thicker foam I have left over from the Halo Armor

So the piece has about 23 belts that I can see.

I must figure out whether its cheaper to buy cheap belts or faking it with buckles and felt/backpack straps. Probably a mix of both.

 Detailing...Fuh...this armor actually has some detail on it.

Weapons: ...done I have real weapons. mwa hah ah aha! Well...for conventions where real weapons are frowned upon, I'll have to make something. I'm thinking cardboard. :D

Boots n' Gloves: Fuh...I'll have to buy real boots and gloves. dammit.

So Supplies I have: Hot Glue, Thin Foam, Thick Foam, Black baggy pants...and a sword.
Supplies I'll need: Fabric (blue, pillowed blue, white/silver), Boots, Gloves, StyroSpray , Silver Paint, Belts/straps, Buckles

Supplies that I may treat myself to: Airbrush, Silver diamond studs, aluminum flashing, tripod for my camera.