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I changed my mind! Again!

So it's only a couple of days before Halloween. I found a party to go to. But at the last minute, I had a change of heart about my werewolf queen. It is awesome and I am proud of it, but for this particular party it wouldn't work out. We'll be playing lots of board games with tiny pieces. Not very easy to manipulate with my claw gloves. (I'll use them somewhere.)

Instead of a werewolf, I'm re-purposing the costume as a Calavera or Sugar Skull from Dia de Meurtos. I just got some extra white makeup, false eye lashes and Skeleton leggings.

I've been having way too much fun on Pintrest and Youtube looking up designs for the makeup.

Hallowent and Leg armor progress

So I decided to try on all my Wolf Queen costume last night to make sure everything fit. It barely does. Well, part of that is the corset's fault. ;)

However, I'm not seeing any Halloween parties coming up in my facebook feed. ._. I hope I didn't make this costume for naught! Halloween is next weekend! Hrum....

In other news, I painted the leg and foot armor bits for Tali with their base coat. I'll have to detail them which I thought I'd do today, but tonight is Book Club. I might get around to it tomorrow, but I have a baptism to go to and Sunday is D&D day. weekend?? WHY???

Also...November 18th comes closer. (SO excited!)


Next will be the legs. I LOVE WORBLA!! I also was looking at the video footage of my visor making. Yeah, the angle was not flattering. So, yeah, not uploading that. No need for embarrassing bum shots at birds eye view. :B Or is there? LOL. 

Inspiration coming back!

I swear shopping for costume supplies does this for me, but I found a new thing. Yesterday I was lamenting on how my styrene armor for Tali wasn't shaped right and was just too stiff. I couldn't walk well in the leg armor and the metal arm barely fits. Then I remembered seeing something about Wonderflex so I went and did some research. For rounded armor pieces, it would be better.

But then I discovered Worbla. My mind was blown. Putty plastic? Glue on one side?

So I ordered some. :) I can still use the styrene cutouts as a base I think.

It's also got me re-evaluating my Warden armor. I have most of the foam bits cut out. The Worbla would be so good to use on it. So excited. Seriously.

I've also got a new strategy on the leg armor. I'll share it after I do some doodles of it.

Update: OMG OMG OMG...there's a place that sells Worbla IN AUSTIN...close-ish to where I live!!!

The downside...I was literally just at that store TODAY and didn't know until NOW. GAAAA…

Costume Delays due to new job

Haven't had much to update about because I started a new job. I really like it a lot. So much happier.

...and I got distracted by side-projects. I hope to finally get off my duff and upload the pictures of my new visor. Yeah. I made another one. It's pretty.

Also I have a big birthday coming up so I'm trying to get that situation worked out.


New visor pics