Thursday, October 16, 2014

Inspiration coming back!

I swear shopping for costume supplies does this for me, but I found a new thing. Yesterday I was lamenting on how my styrene armor for Tali wasn't shaped right and was just too stiff. I couldn't walk well in the leg armor and the metal arm barely fits. Then I remembered seeing something about Wonderflex so I went and did some research. For rounded armor pieces, it would be better.

But then I discovered Worbla. My mind was blown. Putty plastic? Glue on one side?

So I ordered some. :) I can still use the styrene cutouts as a base I think.

It's also got me re-evaluating my Warden armor. I have most of the foam bits cut out. The Worbla would be so good to use on it. So excited. Seriously.

I've also got a new strategy on the leg armor. I'll share it after I do some doodles of it.

Update: OMG OMG OMG...there's a place that sells Worbla IN AUSTIN...close-ish to where I live!!!

The downside...I was literally just at that store TODAY and didn't know until NOW. GAAAAH...going back after work today. Gonna get some Worbla and PLAY! Glee!!!

I'm thinking of even re-doing the helmet. :D

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