Thursday, May 24, 2018

Busy Busy and Art Exchange

Work has been all consuming of my time and a drain on my creativity. I still get bursts of creative energy from time to time.

Some things I've made since my last post:

Rhinestone Necklace

                    Rhinestone Shoes
Crochet African Flowers

Stuffed Fox
Touching up VN sprites
Written the First chapter of the next two VN routes
So more productive than I give myself credit for. :)

Also exciting is that MAX (Multi-Artist Exchange) has been revived again after 2 years. I've been a part of this art exchange for over a decade. We're open to new folks joining so check it out at I have been working on updating the guide for them.

Last night I purchased some of the fabric I'll need for my massive ballgown. Good golly miss molly. I had to get 19 yards of tulle. NINETEEN! That's almost 50 feet of fabric. What have I gotten myself into!?
It also got me going into pattern reading which I started doing for the activewear patterns I have for Voltron. It made me mildly productive and inspired.
(Although now I'm really wishing I could make a Lotor cosplay. Like I knew he was a purple elf from the original series but...dat buttermilk voice. >_> want to watch some British baking now. :D)
(Lucius: >_> I will cosplay Lotor...I could pull it off. I already have the ears and hair. Just need to purple myself.)
(Mod: Halloween has a theme?)
(Lucius: Terrible 80s cartoons that turned around? Perfect!) post will be about the sketch plans I made for Voltron Armor re-imagined!

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