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Helmet finished-ish and gloves

I still need to do detail work on it and lots of touching up but the helmet is basically made. Yay!!

First the gloves:

Here are pictures of the helmet process.

Some of the first pieces I cut from my earlier pattern pieces.

Some pieces also have Styrene on them.
Before construction, I painted the different parts in Silver and Black.

I cut down the visor using the pepakura pattern as my guide for the size and shape. I cut a little/lot bigger than the pattern. 
The inside of the visor was lined with foamies and the outside was as well, using black foamies. 

 Using a test head band I made, I started construction of the helmet. I ended up scrapping the head band all together later on.
After the foam bits were on, I glued the styrene coverings. 
The mouth piece was made with foam and a clear resin cast mouthpiece. I left an opening so I could eventually put wiring in there. 

I used velcro squares to hold the visor in, then built around that. I plan on replacing the velcro with magnets. 

Tali Arm Armor

I'm working with styrene. It's hard. New stuff is hard. But I finally made PROGRESS. Also gee...I meant to post images of my wolf queen but I'm pretty lame bots at it. XD Anyway, Yay progress. I wonder how I'm going to do the boots. Yeesh. Research is needed! :D Maybe plastic coating is a better way to go. Hmmm. 
Also, the trigger on the paint can, helps so much. Awesome. 
Anyway, still on the hunt for a job. So maybe I should focus on the helmet since I have all the parts for that. :B 
Also side note, FRUIT FLIES SUCK. Ugh. Can't get rid of 'em. Super annoying. 

Finishing up the Wolf Queen

I can't believe I'm pretty much finished with this costume. I have to finish sewing the skirt and finish making the feet (which has been trickier than expected). I decided it's be cheaper to buy the corset instead of making one myself. It would have been fun but factoring in the cost of all my supplies it was just easier to spend $12.

Speaking of budget, mine just got blasted. I lost my job on Friday which was my source of income. So on the plus side, I can actually spend time working more on the costumes. :D But I can't really buy anymore supplies. :( At least nothing too expensive. Hopefully unemployment doesn't last too long. I don't expect it to.

Tomorrow I plan to get the interfacing I need for the Wolf Queen skirt and then finishing up with the Warden Tabard.

Oh obviously pics soon. It's pretty late and I'm tuckered out.

EDIT: Pictures. One of the feet paws. And the gloves that glow.

Possible Events to Attend

Okay so I find out that next week there's a classic gaming tournament in town. Also a pretty famous cosplayer is going to be there and there's a cosplay contest. I'm sad I only found out about this event a few days ago. :( I'll still go because the cost is pretty reasonable and it's in town.

Come January, PAX South will be in San Antonio, which is also pretty close. Like close enough to be a day trip. I will probably attend at least one day of that. (It's only $30 for a day...sooooo yeah.)

But now I definitely have an event to showcase a costume or two AND it's in a month where it won't be 100 degrees out so I won't be like dying.

And I'll probably definitely MOTIVATE myself to finish the wolf tail today. Yes. Must be done.

Then I'll start, cutting the pattern for the dresses.

Oh, and my mom can be the the best...she got me two rotary cutters. Now my edges are smooth as a dream. I'm in love with these blades. May they never go …

August Begins

A new month. And ever closer creeps my personal deadlines for these costumes. October was the goal for the Warden and Tali. However, since I've taken on another project for Halloween, I'm scooting Warden and Tali out to November. And Alistair...the poor chap...hasn't had any construction done what so ever. :( I have all supplies too.

Anyway, I've made a bit of progress on each costume here and there.

Tali: I took the shoes out of the feet and got inserts to put in there instead.

Warden: Put more studs into the Jacket.

Wolf Queen: Made the Circlet, got the beads for the necklace, made some ears and started on the tail. Got some knee high nylons to make the feet.

I've also had quite a few interviews the past couple weeks. I hope to start a new job soon. *pleeeease, better pay, better environment*

Anyway, I've also been going to D&D sessions on the weekends. ...I'm learning how bad I am at improv. LOL.

I hope to finish the Wolf Tail this week and maybe eve…