Monday, August 11, 2014

Finishing up the Wolf Queen

I can't believe I'm pretty much finished with this costume. I have to finish sewing the skirt and finish making the feet (which has been trickier than expected). I decided it's be cheaper to buy the corset instead of making one myself. It would have been fun but factoring in the cost of all my supplies it was just easier to spend $12.

Speaking of budget, mine just got blasted. I lost my job on Friday which was my source of income. So on the plus side, I can actually spend time working more on the costumes. :D But I can't really buy anymore supplies. :( At least nothing too expensive. Hopefully unemployment doesn't last too long. I don't expect it to.

Tomorrow I plan to get the interfacing I need for the Wolf Queen skirt and then finishing up with the Warden Tabard.

Oh obviously pics soon. It's pretty late and I'm tuckered out.

EDIT: Pictures. One of the feet paws. And the gloves that glow.

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