Monday, January 9, 2017

Thoughts about Visors and Reimagining Tali/Quarian Cosplay

Visor Thoughts

Since making my Quarian/Tali helmet two years ago ('s been two years), I've learned quite a bit but this video...made me happy mad. Happy because it's a great resource for making a visor and mad because back in the day I had this mask and used it as a buck model for petg plastic. :( All along I could have used this chrome mirror mask, used some model lacquer tinted paint and krylon crystal clear finish. Life's not fair. But on the plus side, I share this with you should you have a visor delemna on your costume project. The video is unclear on how to tint it but in the comments I found mention of airbrush painting or laquer. So still have the same issues for coloring. 

As you may have surmised from my lack of cosplay posts that I've taken a break from cosplay for a couple of reasons.

  1. Depression the creativity killer. Just losing interest in going to cons which seems to be the only place to cosplay. 
  2. Want to lose weight. Also a problem of depression is the weight gain and my flux in body shape. Namely in my arms and chest. (I look swole and i don't even work out. LOL). It's also just a health thing. I want my arms to fit in the sleeves it used to. (My arms are really weirdly shaped right now. The sholder area is pretty small, but the tricep-bicep area is swole up and then it gets really thin on the forearm. Sleeves are a nightmare.) 
  3. Less free time with my current job promotion 
  4. Finances in recovery mode: I'm prepping for some big expenses, namely a new car. 
  5. The 400 other projects I have on the backburner. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE making costumes but it's not my only hobby. I'm also sewing plain clothes for myself, sewing plushies, learning to crochet, making games, and occasionally drawing.
I have the supplies for about 3 or 4 of my planned cosplays: a turian, King Alistair, and the Dalish Inquisitor. Some of a new Tali.

New Tali Plans

So just because I'm not actively sewing a costume doesn't mean I don't constantly plan and scheme. 
Case and point is that Tali's cosplay is a challenge I like to work with and solve for. It's fun and great for downtime at work. 

First I look at my old design and what issues it had:

  • Difficult to put on (ZENTAI SUIT!!!)
  • Too many "moving parts"
  • Took the costume too literally instead of thinking of alternatives that could provide the same look
  • Used the wrong material for many things. Cotton is not good for the veil because it doesn't drape right. I'm better at this now. 
  • Things did not stay on
Velcro and elastic have their limits. So I've gone ahead and tried to reimagine how I would approach this project differently. This is still ME1 Tali. Later versions are easier to cosplay oddly enough. :P 

  • Instead of a zentai suit, leggings and a snug long sleeve shirt work better. The Belt of the bottom part works to "hide the seam" of the shirt meeting the pants. Also yes, tucking that shirt or potentially leotard into the pants. Probably just shirt, I don't want going to the bathroom to be a hassle.
  • For the bandeau, instead of being a completely separate part, sew it directly onto the shirt. 
  • For the purple shorts, again sewing them right onto the pants. Same with the belt make the pouches a permanent fixture as well.
  • Attach belts directly to the shirt as well. 
  • For the brown sleeve thingy, replace the sleeve of the shirt instead of making it a glove. Make the bullet pack on the shoulder a permanent fixture. 
  • Make a cloth neck corset/dickey instead of using craft foam. Use shiney spandex.
  • Paint mesh pattern instead of using netting. 
  • Use more duct tape to build up the feet. 
  • Make the shin covers one piece intead of 2, similar to a forearm gaurd. Perhaps make with thick foam instead of worbla.
  • Use a properly draping fabric for the veil like Lycra or knit fabrics.
  • Paint the pattern for the swirls instead of purchasing.