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Halo Armor Day 1

So I started in on testing out Pepakura files and I learned some things.

Some of the pieces when scaled down are so tiny! I think I need to either simplify the pattern  so there are less polys because this is re-darn-diculous.

2) My modge podge is dried solid. :(

3) It takes a long time to make a part.
It turned out okay. It fits which is what I was testing  I figure now that if I only print out certain parts I can hold them up to my body to check if the scale is right or at least close. 
I still need to buy the EVA foam so, the project takes a break. 
For Gally, I found robot gloves and got some craft foam to make the knee pads. It shouldn't take long. I might do it this weekend. :) 

Costume Projects: Day 0

So I'm going to try and keep a log of my costume projects hoping that it'll help me get it done.

I currently have 2 projects on my plate.
Project 1: Battle Angel Alita - Gally A budget looking cosplay to be sure but it should be good for one day at a convention. Here's what I have for the costume so far.

- wet pvc catsuit, sleeveless. (I was able to find one on ebay that looked exactly like Gally's)- Silver colored turtleneck (for her arms)- Boots (Waiting for them to come in the mail. Another ebay)- Trench Coat (I already own one of the proper color.)

What it still needs:
Knee pads (creating these out of foam)Silver Paint for the arms (I don't think I'll make foam parts for this.)Black gloves  Since I already have similar hair color, I might opt out of a wig and just style my own hair. (Or I might just re-style my cheap vampire wig.)

Estimated time left...0 days.
Project 2: Halo Spartan Princess (or Donut from Red vs Blue) This is going to be the big challenge. I…