Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Costume Projects: Day 0

So I'm going to try and keep a log of my costume projects hoping that it'll help me get it done.

I currently have 2 projects on my plate.

Project 1: Battle Angel Alita - Gally

A budget looking cosplay to be sure but it should be good for one day at a convention. Here's what I have for the costume so far.

  • - wet pvc catsuit, sleeveless. (I was able to find one on ebay that looked exactly like Gally's)
  • - Silver colored turtleneck (for her arms)
  • - Boots (Waiting for them to come in the mail. Another ebay)
  • - Trench Coat (I already own one of the proper color.)

What it still needs:
  • Knee pads (creating these out of foam)
  • Silver Paint for the arms (I don't think I'll make foam parts for this.)
  • Black gloves 
Since I already have similar hair color, I might opt out of a wig and just style my own hair. (Or I might just re-style my cheap vampire wig.)

Estimated time left...0 days.

Project 2: Halo Spartan Princess (or Donut from Red vs Blue)

This is going to be the big challenge. I plan on constructing the armor using eva foam and Pepakura patterns.

Here's what I have for the costume already.

  • - Vibram Shoes 
  • - Nerf Gun
  • - ...catsuit? 
What it still needs:
  • - armor
  • -helmet
  • -underarmor 
Supplies I still need:
  • - EVA foam rolls **
  • - Craft foam (for detail bits)**
  • - More hotglue sticks
  • - Velcro
  • - backpack buckles and strapping
  • - a lycra catsuit probably. ~
  • - Motorcycle helmet visor (gold mirror) 
  • - Krylon Paints and Finish
  • - More Craft Glue
  • - sponges (for helmet cushioning)
  • - More printer paper for the pattern. 
  • - More exato knife blades

Today I intend to buy the computer paper and craft foam...and probably the EVA too.


Made some progress today. :3 I've test made my first armor piece out of printer paper to see what it'd be like. I'm in for trouble because my arms are so tiny. When the model is scaled down parts become VERY tiny. I need to simplify the model a bit. I'll post what I've done tomorrow.

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