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Halo Armor Day 20

No pics this time unfortunately but I've finally started the long grueling process of "correcting" my mistakes on armor pieces. I've started on the helmet which has been a process of un-gluing, re-gluing, adding thinner foam to places.

It doesn't help that I've been very distracted by video games, but it will get done once I finish the game series.

But the next 3 weekends I have weddings to go to. :P ARGH.

In any case, I'll probably work on the belt, forearms and shin pieces details.
Helmet and chest piece will be last.

I want to seal and paint it SO BAD!

Looking Ahead: Future Costume Ideas

So I've caught the costuming bug this year. My mom and I just switched out sewing machines so I have a smaller more manageable sized sewing machine. (Still old but not as heavy to lug out.) I hope to get a new machine someday, but checking the prices I think that saving up for a couch is a better investment.

However, foam armor is also pretty awesome stuff. I think I can finally venture out and really go forward with costumes I've really wanted to make.

Some ideas I've had for cosplay costumes that I want to try:

 - Mass Effect N7 Armor
 - Dragon Age 2 Style Warden Armor 
 - Gender-bent Dragon Age Alistair Armor (Probably the comic version)
 - Lord of the Rings Eowyn Shieldmaiden or Dernhelm  (Might be a bit too crazy because chainmail...yeah.)
 - Lord of the Rings Lady Hobbit 

Someday I also intend to make a new ren faire outfit. But I may just re-purpose my LOTR cosplay for that.

First I'll finish my Halo Armor. Then I'd probably go with the Grey Warden. I think …

Halo Armor Day 19

The armor pieces are "done" for now. I still need to do some of the detail work and smooth out a LOT of edges, but man it's so satisfying to have it on. I'm sad I no longer have a full length mirror...or a good place to take photos of it on me. (Somehow I will.)

But for now...I have to seriously clean my apartment.

It's a bit...chaotic. And my parents come visit me next week sooooo...yeah.

Halo Armor Day 17-18

Ugh, this is definitely my least favorite piece. I really hope I can clean it up better.

They fit well but it'll need some fixes to make them look nicer.

Last pieces are the boot covers. :D I think I'll have all the basic pieces by the weekend. Just in time for my parents to come visit and stuff.

Halo Armor Day 16

I'm definitely starting to slow down and probably cut some corners with this project. I "finished" the shin guards last night.

The forearms will be next. I'll start them tonight. And last are the boot covers. Maybe by the weekend I'll have my basic suit that I can show off before getting into detail work with the 5 mm foam.

Halo Armor Day 15

Bah, I forgot to upload some pictures the other day. Been distracted by video games and weddings.

I've made good progress on the shins.

I also got the gold mirror visor for my helmet. It looks awesome! Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture yet. ._.

Today I can finish up the shins. Soon, only forarms and boot covers. :)