Thursday, July 11, 2013

Looking Ahead: Future Costume Ideas

So I've caught the costuming bug this year. My mom and I just switched out sewing machines so I have a smaller more manageable sized sewing machine. (Still old but not as heavy to lug out.) I hope to get a new machine someday, but checking the prices I think that saving up for a couch is a better investment.

However, foam armor is also pretty awesome stuff. I think I can finally venture out and really go forward with costumes I've really wanted to make.

Some ideas I've had for cosplay costumes that I want to try:

 - Mass Effect N7 Armor
 - Dragon Age 2 Style Warden Armor 
 - Gender-bent Dragon Age Alistair Armor (Probably the comic version)
 - Lord of the Rings Eowyn Shieldmaiden or Dernhelm  (Might be a bit too crazy because chainmail...yeah.)
 - Lord of the Rings Lady Hobbit 

Someday I also intend to make a new ren faire outfit. But I may just re-purpose my LOTR cosplay for that.

First I'll finish my Halo Armor. Then I'd probably go with the Grey Warden. I think I can get by with minimal sewing and mostly foam crafting. I'd also probably make my first foam weapons.

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