Sunday, January 24, 2016

Costume Plans/References

I'm not saying that I will for sure make these costumes but it's a great way to pass time at work between calls. Just a bit of research. 
Maeli Raver Costume

PET-G dangles on black wire/leds
Green dyed PET-G/Transpart visor
Craft Foam

So some sad news, I threw out most of my Tali costume (except for the helmet. i worked too hard on that). My body shape changed a bit so I gotta get on the exercise thing and keep up my figure. Luckily, Quarians are bottom heavy like me. :) Now Maeli is a character of my own design so I get to design what things look like. 

Perpeta Party Dress

Body Paint
Finger-less gloves
Bodycon dress (owned) 
Boots + boot covers

Creative Burst

 Craft foam head
 Green zentai suit
 Foam hoof
 Yarn Wig
 Mesh eyes

Fabric consideration:
Minky - 2 way stretch, good color, not too fluffy, sewing machine friendly. Expensive. :P
Lycra - 4 way stretch, good color, no fluff, very sewing machine friendly. Cheap. :) Could be pretty creasy and potentially see-through.