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Monthly Update

Has it really been a month since I last updated? Guess so.

Well things progress at a snail's pace with the Dalish Armor. FINALLY got a stretchy vinyl that will cover the bodice. One of these days I'll get back to it.

In the meantime, I've been keeping busy with sewing stuffed animals.

I've sewn Orange Dinosaur about 3 times now.

I've also sewn 2 ponies but they both turned out crap so I unstuffed them and will start again.  Other than that I'm replaying Inquisition and will probably get some DLC for it. I've also opened up digital art commissions again just for fun. 
Too many hobbies I swear. I just get into moods about certain art forms. With Halloween coming up I've been slowly getting back into costume mode, but because of my weird work hours (namely evenings ON weekends) I won't attend any parties. :( Sadness. But I'll dress up for work because why not. Probably just going to do a make up only costume...or sport my Yukata. We'll see how a…