Thursday, April 9, 2015

Female Turian Mask

Been doing a bit of an experiment craftwise. It may become a cosplay but we'll see.

So here's what's I've done.

Supplies: 5mm foam, googly eyes, plaster bandages, wire, cutting tools, and markers.

Also a plastic mask. I cut the mouth and traced the plates. 

Cut the eye holes to be a bit bigger. The googly eyes to size to the eyes. 

Cut the back of the googly eyes and colored the white part of the tape. The thick foam for the eye shape.

Used the molding mesh to shape the nose

Foam for one plate. I wrapped the mesh with masking tape.

More plate work. Mesh with tape wrapped around it.

Added the eyebrow plates with more mesh with tape.

Shaped the top of the mouth with mesh and tape.

The lower jaw was shaped with foam and tape. 

Mandibles 5mm foam.

I wrapped all the pieces with the plaster bandages. 
Here she is all put together....ish.

Another view.

 I still have plenty to do on the mask but it looks neat. :) I plan on putting on another layer of Plaster of Paris and sculpt and smooth things out a bit more. Then sanding and painting.

Today I was researching how to make the eyes "follow-Me" eyes and I got some good tips. I'm still using the googly eyes but I'll probably mesh the mask eyes.