Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Tragedy of Tali (More Visor Woes!)

Ha ha ha ha aha...we were SOOOO CLOSE! So close but we tripped at the finish line!
*SOB* So here's what happened.

Today I got my sheet of PETG plastic and I thought "YAY" it's VISOR DAY. So I got the sheet into the window frames, clamped it down, got my vacuum set up with the buck and pre-heated the oven to broil at 350.

First mistake, at first I used one oven mitt and a pot holder to put the plastic in the oven. I bumped my knuckle on the edge of my oven.
Well...that hurt.

So I looked for my other oven mitt after holding my knuckles under cold water for awhile. Well, I was not deterred. I heated up the plastic, letting the vacuum run, and quickly held it over the buck. And it was JUST like in the youtube videos. I just had to wait for it to cool. It took a little coaxing to get the buck out and cut the visor shape and here's what we got!

Duck face...sorry.
AHHHHHHH it's a visor! But wait...something seemed a bit...weird...
View from the Visor
Well, I didn't really sand the plaster well and the gauze parts caused little divots. It was a little like looking through a shower glass.
Frankly I didn't CARE. I had a visor and I could SEE through it...not drive in it but hey. 
So I started on the portion that I practiced on a few sample sheets. FIRST the ink staining...
Nice and pink
It gives a nice pink undertone. Then I went to use the tamiya tint paint. HOWEVER, things went horribly awry at this point. If only I was more patient. I put the tint paint on too thick in one area. In an effort to correct it, I ran it under running water and tried to scrap it off with my nails. That wasn't working so I grabbed some sandpaper...and then....I'm an idiot. It wasn't just scraping off paint but scratching the plastic making it frosted instead of clear and now I can't see through the darn thing.
I tried so hard, got so far, but in the end...
It didn't even matter...
Can't see through it. I've ruined YET ANOTHER visor. So effing close.
Now I have ordered more plastic to try YET AGAIN. And while I wait, I'll work on smoothing the surface of the plaster. This may be a job for my clear resin...and plasti-dip. More to come as I recover.

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