Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Costume Plans: The Wolf Queen

Blending Vampire queen seductress with werewolf. It was inspired by the design of the Wolf Queen from the casual game Dark Parables: Red Riding Hood Sisters.

Quite pretty really. Even with those dead glowing eyes and claws.
Here are some designs I've been playing with.
In this design I have a couple of simplicity patterns I'll be working with.
Corsets, Bustle Skirts, and an off the shoulder shirt. (And then while searching the site I stumble upon THIS pattern and think...dang that short skirt is what I was looking for...oh wells. All of the patterns I bought were on clearance for like $2 each.)

Here's another rough sketch of what I plan to do using one of the shorter bustle skirts. Things always look so nice when drawn. LOL...I'll have to use my photoshop template when I get home.

I also plan on possibly making some jewelry too. It's been fun looking at different beads and such. ^^ I'm so excited! (As I usually am when a costume in the plan and acquire mode.)

There's always a focal piece or two that I look forward to the most. For this particular costume it was the gloves. AS you can see in the Wolf Queen screenshot, she's got these massive red claws. I'm looking forward to making that part.

When I started the process of of what to do for the paw feet and claw hands, I had a pair of black gloves that I hadn't used. Now I can! I ordered some Rave lights meant for gloves and some blank false nails that are talon shaped. Unfortunately, I found that Party City pretty much had what I was looking for at a low price. :( SIGH...ah wells.

Project Layers

Layer 1: Dress
This is mostly a matter of layering parts of these patterns together. A corset + Bustle Skirt is the main anatomy of the outfit with a sheer off-the shoulder shirt underneath.

- Sheer Fabric (owned)
- Costume Silk (owned)
- Brocade (looking)
- Interfacing
- Boning
- Trim (owned?)

Layer 2: Hands and Feet
- Black Costume Gloves (owned)
- False Nails (owned)
- Red Nail Polish (owned)
- LED Lights (waiting for shipping)
- Foam (owned)
- Claw beads (shopping)
- Black Nylon Stockings (opaque)
- Fur/Black Feather Trim

Layer 3: Accessories
- Black Long Wig (Waiting until Halloween to buy)
- Ears (Craft Foam and Faux Fur)
- Tail (Faux Fur, Pins/Elastic)
- Choker: (Faux Fur, Fang Beads)
- Circlet (Jewelry Chain, Tear Drop Beads, Moon Pendant)

Make Up Plans:
Animal Eye Eyeliner
Plum Lips
Plum and Gold Eyes
Thicker eyebrows
False lashes

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