Friday, April 11, 2014

Tali Cosplay Plan: Materials

So yes, another costume project. I swear every time I start new game I want to cosplay it. I've considered making my own Quarian character, but I think I want to save time on the design and work with Tali. Maybe my own character can have a purple outfit too. But for now, Tali will be the project because I also want to be recognizable. I have chosen Mass Effect 1 Tali because I don't see it as much and I don't have to use as much of that patterned fabric.

NOTE: I'll be adjusting prices and materials here so the budget is subject to change!


I have the Art Book and several screenshots of Tali's outfit from all the angles I need.
I've also been sketching Quarians and researching the costume parts.

After my study I've come up with my plans And I'm going to try to get a more accurate budget so I can see what I'll be spending and maybe prevent me from approaching this too seriously.

Here are the layers I've sectioned out for my master plan.

Layer 1: Jumpsuit and Body Shape

The jump suit is basically a black body suit with some mesh patterns. The legs are digigrade meaning they have a bit of a hock in the knee. This shape can be achieved through foam shaping or padding.
The toes can be also achieved through foam attachments or my plan for a stuffed foot cover.
I found a pattern for a 3 fingered glove.
I will wear a balaclava (ninja mask) on my head.
The mesh pattern I will achieve by taping down a hex-net fabric. I want to use my catsuit for future costumes. :)

Layer 2: Clothing and Armor

Over the jump suit Tali has sort of these pant things and a bandeau for clothing of the same patterned fabric.
Her right arm is silver armor while her left arm has a brown sleeve with some pads.
She has some shoulder armor, an armband on her left arm. Her hands have some plates on them.
Her legs are greaves with some over foot armor.
Her neck has a wrap collar. She has two belts, one over her chest and one around her waist.
Hood is a simple clothe draped over the helmet. Same pattern as the pants.

Layer 3: Helmet

The helmet is a challenge all it's own and requires it's own layer.

Layer 4: Extra Details

I plan on wearing face make-up under the helmet to have an unmasked face. This part can be optional and subject to change.

Supply list

Heat Gun - 11-20

Layer 1: $6
Cat suit - Own
Mesh fabric 1 yard - 1
Electric Tape - Own
Black spandex fabric 1 yard - 5
Craft foam - own
Cotton balls - own
Flat shoes - own
Ninja mask - own

Layer 2: $76 - $99
Tali Fabric 2 yards - 35
Brown fabric 1/2 yard - own
Black Plastic Hose - 6-7
Craft foam ? - 2-3
EVA Foam - 15
Styrene ? - 15 - 20
Silver Paint - own but may need more after Warden costume it was about 8
Plasti-Dip - 8 (I'm sure I'll need more after the Warden build)
Acrylic paints - owned
Fabric Paint Silver - Owned if I can find it.
Sealant Matte - 6 - 8
Black Vinyl 1 yard - 6
White Trim - Owned (Use leftover fabric from Galadriel dress)

Layer 3: Total Cost = $23.5 - $42
Face Shield - 5 - 12
Colored Film - 2 - 12
Tamiya Tint Paint ? - 8
EVA Foam
Craft Foam
Plastic Fasteners - Owned
Nylon Straps/Elastic - Owned
Velcro - Owned for now...I'll probably need more. (5-6)
Zip ties - owned
EL Wire Kit - 1.50 - 2.00
Voice Changer - 10.00
Resin - owned
Jewlery Mold - 5 - 6

Layer 4: $54 -$64
Sunset Tanning Goggles - 6
Make-Up: Cake Alabaster foundation, Light pink/purple/blue, Purple detail (liquid) - 30-40
Spirit Gum + Remover - 8
Make-up Barrier? -10
(Make crayon lipstick. ;)) - own
Glue Stick - 2

Alternate for layer 4:   $32 -$41
White Cake/Creme make-up/White foundation - 5 - 10
Glue stick - 2
Wax Lipstick - own
Sealant 6- 10
Blacklight make-up 12
portable blacklight  7

Total: 192.5 - 233.00
(Not including S&H)
Alt: 156.5 - 196.00

So my current plans are actually cheaper than I thought. I was sure it'd be closer to 400...although, this is just estimated prices on some things and Shipping can be expensive for some items.
There some cheaper things I can do for make-up which cuts out a LOT of the cost.

This does not include props like the omni-tool or shot gun.

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