Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Keeping things ON.

So various parts of Tali don't stay on well. It's a hodge podge of velcro, glue and tape currently (as a temp solution.

I've also got a couple more pieces to make: Arm Bands, magazine clip holders and Shotgun. OH and the omni-tool. I forgot about that thing. :P

So here are the bits that broke when I put on my costume:

- Left Leg bracer: The d-rings popped off. Needs a better way to keep these together.
- Right Foot Armor: Pieces keep popping off. Really need to glue these down.
-Bandeau likes to slide around. I think I need to sew some of it onto the belt somehow.
-Leather Arm bands, the darn velcro just popped off. Needs to be sew on not glued.
- Arm Bracer: Just a touch a velcro will help keep it from sliding off.

So I know what I'm doing for Christmas. :D 

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