Thursday, September 4, 2014

Look at them gams (and other updates)

Leg armor...turning into more of a beast than I expected. Looking at other builds, fiberglass seems to be the favored method of making the leg armor.

Sadly, I am not used to fiberglass, nor do I have the space or ventilation to do that. So for now, I'm using Styrene and foam. (note to self...I'm going to need to buy more foam. :P)

I cut the pattern for the boots in paper and then styrene. My plan is to shape strips of the foam around the leg shape dummy I made. Then glue the styrene to it. This will give me some cushioning as well as a solid leg shape.

In other updates, I've affixed magnets inside the helmet so the visor pops on an off a bit easier. I covered the exposed foam with leftover black fabric.

The armored sleeve is done to where I like it. I think I'm going to directly affix them to the sleeves of the shirt I bought for it. I'm also redoing the glove fingertips because manipulating life with the styrene tips on was not happy times.

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