Sunday, July 19, 2015

Rethinking the Elf Bodice

So here's how this happened. I'm at work on a slow Saturday night and decided to play around in my test store. (I do tech support and my test store is custom pony based!) I created a new line of items in my store "Fluffy Ponies" and created a product for a plush pony. Which got me into research on how to actually make them and what kind of fabric is used and so on.

 So I was neck deep in research about how to make the eyes, the hair, and stumbled on someone's project for a life-size Rainbow Dash. They had a journal listing how they made it. It was amazing. One thing that caught my attention was how she made the Element of harmony...

THIS tutorial
And then I god...I've approached this all wrong. Well...not completely wrong...I just got the wrong kind of vinyl when I started.

My current vinyl is felt back and very stiff (Which will be great for the hip leaves). But the bodice has a lot of curves...particularly in the breast region. This would also allow me to add the detailing. I've also figured out how the pattern should look. know...I don't think I have to count my stiff vinyl as complete waste. I'll just cover it in the shinier stuff after I make the bra parts out of foam. Everybody wins. Except my bank account. Bank account never wins. :(

 Also I'm getting tons of ideas for sewing plushies. :) Yes...plushie raptors and dragons and unicorns and ponies and kitties and bunnies and weeeeeee....^^

For real ideas for plushies:
>> My Cat Lucius (Might need long pile fur since he's long haired.)

>> Kirin: I want an excuse to use bubble minky

>> Fluffy raptor - because dinosaurs

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