Friday, April 16, 2010

Value of My Dollar

Just a light hearted thought bubble for now. I was just browsing some game blogs and saw something mentioning World of Warcraft. And I was just thinking back to this time last year when I was actively playing. I want to go back to it. But I have one problem...

...actually there's more than one's more like 20...

I have too many unplayed games! Somehow I managed to buy a ton of games this year thanks to peer pressure (in a sense) and actual titles that interested me and nostalgia. OMG did nostalgia bite in the bum this year. I BOUGHT Oregon Trail 4 and was this close to buying Super Solvers Treasure Trove.

On top of that I now have co-workers who want to play MMOs with me and I just don't have the time thanks to hobbies. Plus I have a long list of games that I still need to finish.

The List of Game Titles (if I can remember them all)
Age of Wonders 2 (PC - my coworker gave this to me. D: Why do they keep feeding me!?)
Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic (PC - why!?)
Knights of the Old Republic (PC - half way through)
KOTOR: 2 (PC - most of the way through...not finishing)
Dragon Age (PC - finished one playthrough. I want to play again.) Replayed 3 times.
Dragon Age 2 (PC - Making good progress with my first character). Reyplaying
Sims 3 (PC - I keep making characters and not playing.)
Champions Dream (PC - a dumb girly horse game.)
Bella Sara (PC - and even dumber, girlier horse game. I like them both okay!)

Oregon Trail 4 (PC - I don't think I'll really finish this one.)
Jak and Daxter (PS2 - half way through not going to finish.)
Jak and Daxter 2 (PS2 - not started)
Jak and Daxter 3 (Ps2 - not started)
Disgaea 2 (PS2 - Most of the way through)
Guilty Gear AA etc (PS2 - Probably not going to bother playing more.)
DDR Party - (PS2 - My exercise routine?)
Folklore - (PS3 - fin)
Valkeria Chronicles (PS3 - started.)
Ocarina of Time (GC - I stopped at the water temple...AS USUAL!)
Majora's Mask (GC - Well...I'm replaying it.)
Harvest Moon Sunshine Islands (DS - this game will never end.)
Avalon Code (DS - I made progress. My opinion is still the same though. I made my hat MORE awesome though).
LOZ: Spirit Tracks (DS - at the water temple...why do I always stop there?)
Rune Factory 2 (DS - barely started)
Pokemon Soul Silver (DS - Up to the League)
Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar (DS)

And this doesn't count my iPod game apps or the Big Fish games I love to download and play.

And I want to play these before buying or playing more games so I can get the full value of the dollars spent. :(

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