Monday, July 11, 2011

Angry Chicks

Another bit of a rant about games, or really one game. Angry effing Birds.
As an iPhone game developer, I can assure you that the easiest way to piss us off is to ask us about Angry Birds. In casual conversation when I bring up my profession, guaranteed 100% of the time the person will ask something along the lines of: Oh iPhone games, you mean like Angry Birds.
Or my personal favorite:
"Oh you know my son/daughter plays this one game alot...what was it?"
Me: Angry Birds. (There is no intonation of a question in this response. It's a factual response.)
"Yes that's the one."

What. The. Duck. Seriously, has Angry Birds become the FACE of the App Store? It really feels like it has. Yay for that company...they have made it into infamy. And I get so pissed off seeing their fisking merchandise at the mall.

Jealous? Perhaps a bit, but on the other hand I'm REALLY glad that an iPhone game has gotten that huge. That makes the platform meaningful for a wide audience. A larger demographic accepts the iPhone and iPad as a gaming platform.
But it does the rest of us no good if all people are playing is Angry Birds.

The other thing that gets my goat is that this kind of sets a bar as to what the expectations of an iPhone game should be. It's a physics puzzle. Granted there are a lot of these types of games on the App Store but it really hampers creative expansion if the only games that sell well are the physics puzzlers. The company I previously worked for had a staff dedicated to creating full 3D game experiences with wonderful graphics and console like mentality. These games are just not doing as well as the little physics puzzlers.

So here's to hoping that iPhone developers make a game that will finally shake the birds from their throne. And here's to hoping that my company Corvidology is heading down that path with out games.

Speaking of which, we've released our first title: Hubbub.
I'd appreciate the support!

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