Monday, March 10, 2014

Warden Armor Progress Report: 3/10/14

I've been working on and off with armor pieces for the past few weeks. Mostly cutting out the foam pieces and making plans. Here's the progress of various pieces.

Chest: (see video) Cut out of foam. Ready for sealing

Helmet: Experimenting. As you can see I'm making it up as I go. But I think I'm getting closer. My Hair dryer does make a decent heat gun for thin's still hard to make it hold that shape. :P

Collar: Needs to be cut

Spaulders:  These just need sealing and paint before being put onto fabric.

Shoulders: (pic) This is giving me the most trouble right now. Trying to form the correct shape out of foam is surpisingly difficult. Here are some of my failed experiments.

Thicker Foam Frame: It didn't make the shape right. (pic)

Cardboard frame: CLOSE but not quite. (pic)

Thin foam guide shape: I'm getting somewhere! (pic)

FINAL THOUGHTS. The big issue is Buckling. What I have to do is make trianglar cuts in the shape so it can round out and also look like the seam in the images. Hot glue will make the center seam obvious but I need the other parts to be smooth. A combo of cardboard and thin foam shoulder pads will help in this.
The other part of the shoulder just needs more layers.

Elbow: Cut from foam. Planning on doing something similar with the elbow as I did for the shoulder. It'll need a cusion layer to form the right shape.

Wrist/Hand: Cut from foam. Needs detailing and more layers for thickness.

Hips: Needs to be cut still.

Knees: Cut from Foam. Same as elbows, needs padding.

Greaves: Need to be cut.
Bracers: need to be cut.

Ankle/foot: Cut from foam. Need to glue together and shape to boot.

Relief Griffon: So this was a part of the armor I really had to research for. I got some good tips so here is what I did.
1. I printed a 5x5in PNG of the emblem. (This makes it the right size for MY chest piece. If the chest piece is bigger so is the relief).
2) I used 3D fabric puff paint in silver. Really any color would do. It's got a nice narrow tip for details.
3) With the fabric paint, I traced the blue lines. It takes 4 hours to fully dry.

4) Approximately 2 hours later, I get impatient. It's dry enough for the next step anyway. Hot glue gun.
5) With the glue gun I fill in the white areas. Be careful of strings! (In hind sight, another color of puffy paint would have worked a bit better.)

6) Now I just clean up some of my mess areas with more heat or another go with the puffy paint.
7) With scissors I cut out the shape of the griffon.
8) When I'm ready, I'll hotglue the whole thing to the chest plate. Then I'll seal it with the rest of the piece.

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